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Custom Printed Longboard Griptape

Monday, April 20th, 2015

custom printed longboard griptapeHere at Heskins, we produce on an industrial scale. No job or enquiry however is too small and we aim to please everyone. For example, take a look at this custom printed longboard griptape we have manufactured for an individual’s longboard. This is merely an example of what we are capable of doing at Heskins.

This is simply our H3401 Safety Grip™ material, and we have printed directly on to it. Whilst still holding high levels of grip, this also looks the part and the consumer was over the moon with the result. Our Safety Grip™ will still perform well under higher temperatures, as explained in our old blog post regarding longboard grip tape temperatures.

This particular type of material is our most popular of the product range; this is an abrasive mineral applied to a self-adhesive UPU carrier, for a speedy, durable application in numerous different conditions. Over the years we are constantly adding to and developing the range, for example this custom printed longboard griptape.

If you would like to enquire about our printing option, as well as our other contract services, you can do so by phone, email, Live Chat or the contact us form on the site. We look forward to hearing from you.



9116-UHBBT Heavy Duty Bonding Tape – It Has Arrived.

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

heavy duty bonding tapeHere at Heskins we are always pushing to break new markets and industries, now we can announce the arrival of our very heavy duty bonding tape in the UK! With it already being a proven hit in the US, we felt that now would be the time to introduce it to our modest shores.

This tape is wonderfully created from durable acrylic foam, with a pressure sensitive adhesive which is applied to both sides, that generates a solid bond before reaching full adhesion in approximately three days.

Why Use Heavy Duty Bonding Tape?

It is very clear to see that this tape rivals the tried and tested method of riveting and other mechanical fixings, and provides benefits such as being waterproof, draught-proof as well as providing noise reduction, aesthetic improvements, vibration damping and it’s a whole lot easier, quicker and cheaper to apply. It’s a no brainer when comparing the methods.

As mentioned earlier, when using this tape, it provides a speedier application than mechanical fasteners, thus making rivets, screws, bolts and spot welds irrelevant.

What are The Properties of Heavy Duty Bonding Tape?

It has a viscoelastic nature, giving foam stress relaxing and energy absorbing assets. Avoiding these forces causing failures of time, this occurs when you use mechanical fixings; leading to additional maintenance and increased cost.

As always, dependent on quantity we can discuss bespoke options with you, should you desire them.

For more information on or to order our heavy duty bonding tape, please contact us via phone, email or live chat, and we will be happy to discuss options with you.


Conformable Anti Slip Tape Now Available in Orange!

Friday, April 10th, 2015
orange conformable anti slip tape

A close up of the grit.

The Conformable range as been available for a while now and it’s a very popular product in industrial environments. Here at Heskins we are always pushing to improve and expand our products and now Conformable is available in Orange…. yes, Orange!

Conformable anti slip tape is commonly used for applying to metal diamond tread on fire exits, walkways, access platforms etc., now the vibrant and exciting Orange has been added to the range. In dangerous areas where extremely slippy surfaces can cause potential hazards, you will have no problem spotting the Orange Conformable.

This tape is very special as it contains a class O, soft aluminium foil backing which has the advantage of having zero tolerance (unlike plastic it will not be stretched, when plastic is stretched it wants to revert back to its original state so will lift from irregular surfaces), and also has no memory, therefore it can be manipulated into place] on irregular surfaces and will remain that shape without lifting.

For help applying our Conformable anti slip tape, please view the tutorial video below:


Orange Conformable is available in roll widths up to 980mm and you can place orders now, so don’t miss out and contact our friendly sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the site.