Flame Retardant Anti Slip Tape Standards

Friday, July 11th, 2014

fireOne of our major requirements that we often get asked about is how flame retardant our anti slip material is and whether it generates smoke when burnt. Standards for flame retardancy have greatly increased over the past few years. Back when we first developed our initial flame retardant certified anti slip material (in 1997) it was only required for aircraft cockpit use, in today’s modern environment these type of tests that we need to adhere to have transcended into use in warehouses, vehicles, passenger seating areas, furniture etc. Our modifications to achieve the results required include doing nothing (a lot of the plastic films that we use already contain chalk fillers as part of their constituency), substituting plastics, adding specific flame inhibitors and even removing all plastics completely. At present our most popular flame retardancy request is for ISO11925.

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Adhesive Technology to Combat Low Surface Energy

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Heskins H3510 Keying Agent
I have discussed in a previous post on adhesive technology, low energy surfaces and the problems that they create for any self-adhesive product. A low energy surface is quite simply one in which it prevents a liquid from sufficiently wetting out and achieving a bond, the simplest example is a car being cleaned. Clean a car and water will run off conventionally, wax the car then see the difference; the water will form globules that rest on the paintwork. The globules form as the water cannot ‘wet out’ and gain purchase.

All self-adhesives have a liquid base, they need to wet out to gain grip. There are many different types of low energy surfaces (LSE) but the most common are polypropylene and polyethylene. There are solutions to adhering onto an LSE, but for the most difficult, our H3510 is the ultimate solution. H3510 comes in a very small bottle, only a small amount is required, the fluid effectively changes the surface energy level allowing for a normal product to be adhered onto the substrate.

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Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Makes the Grade.

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Blue coarse resilient anti slip tapeOur word means almost nothing; verbal confirmation is nothing without trust. We always prefer external tests to be performed, we never test internally, we always send out to reputable laboratories in the UK, Germany, France or America.  As part of our increased role in providing anti slip protection for the marine sector we have tested to BS5609.  BS5609 is designed for testing materials that are submerged for 3 months in salt water at mid-tide.  Our H3415 Coarse Resilient passed with flying colours.  BS5609 is a tough test, 3 months continual submersion in salt water is hard, water submersion is hard enough and adding salt makes it much harder still. Coarse Resilient anti slip tape (H3415, H3450 or H3451) provides fantastic grip levels in a skin friendly non-abrasive format in a wide variety of colours, perfect for boats, docks, swimming pools and other areas exposed to water and moisture. For more information, or to place an order, please contact the sales team by email, phone, live chat or the contact us page on the site.