PermaStripe & PermaRoute Photos Wanted!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

PermaRoute in GarageHeskins loves to see its products being used by our valued customers and it’s something we would like to show off. With PermaStripe and PermaRoute in particular, it is hard work finding space to set up various scenario shots so we can give everyone a detailed visual insight into our products use, so we need your help! For all the high quality pictures we receive from customers, we will give you a roll of 50 metre PermaStripe or PermaRoute, or shopping vouchers, free of charge!!

As we are not surveyors for customers who apply PermaStripe and PermaRoute, we also rarely have the opportunity to take any application photos from actual environments; this limits us to see creative and innovative new designs which our customers have created.

We love seeing our material in use; it makes us feel proud when our material does the job perfectly. We pride ourselves on our high quality materials and the effectiveness it has when placed on site.

How do you get your free gift?

It’s simple really, once you have applied your PermaStripe or PermaRoute, take a picture, then send it to us via email. If it is of any use, we will send you the free gift of your choice.

We do intend to use these for web and print, so we do want high quality images. I’m afraid we will not send free gifts out for any old image that is sent in. We would prefer clear, well composed images taken with a digital SLR camera, but we may accept images taken by a smart phone with a high pixel count.

Please note that all images will be used anonymously. We will not be mentioning the locations or Companies used in the images anywhere online or in printed media.

Please phone, email, live chat or use the contact us form if you would like to let us know that you will be sending us images. To reiterate, we will not send any free gifts out until we have received and approved the images.


PermaStripe & PermaRoute; What’s the Difference?

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

PermaStripe, our original aisle marking creation, made to withstand the most testing of warehouse environments and it’s sibling, PermaRoute, manufactured to follow in PermaStripes stead, with both destined to co-exist side by side in complete, durable harmony.

But one of our most common questions is what differentiates these products? Well, they have a lot of similarities, both are extremely tough and both are industry leaders but they do have subtle differences, with one dominating factor that make them most suitable for particular applications….

Their construction…..


PermaStripe BreakdownPermaStripe is a solid, homogenous piece of virgin plastic.  As PermaStripe is so thick (1mm plastic with an additional 160mu of adhesive) we add a chamfer, also known as a feathered edge, on the sides to prevent it being a trip hazard.  Each roll needs to be extruded individually, each width requires its own, expensive extrusion tool.  We produce three sale widths (50mm, 75mm and 100mm) along with a width of 250mm for our internal die cutting use.  The upper surface is finished with either a mild non-slip emboss or an easy clean smooth surface.


PermaRoute BreakdownPermaRoute is produced wide width, 1168mm, the films available at this width are too thin for our use, to achieve the strong thickness that we require we needed to produce something never seen before.  We bring together two extremely thick films, each one an incredible 350mu thick.  The upper surface has a mild non-slip emboss.

What can PermaStripe offer?

  •  As it is a solid homogenous construction the colour will not fade, cannot be scratched off and will not be removed by harsh solvents such as MEK, toluene etc.
  •  The tough plastic allows it, with some difficulty at initial removal, to be removed and replaced as it will remove clean.
  •  Huge amounts of adhesion for initial grab and long term staying power

What can PermaRoute offer?

  •  As the printed part is protected by a thick upper laminate it is protected, so, if a chevron pattern is required then the PermaRoute pattern is fully protected and not exposed on the upper surface.
  •  PermaRoute is produced full width, this allows us the ability to print on the bottom laminate with all available printing methods, offering full colour prints and graphics.
  •  Total flexibility of shapes and widths as we are not restricted to set roll widths or having to cope with a narrow maximum width for die cutting.  Any width is possible and any die cut shape can be manufactured.
  •  The flat structure can help if vehicles are turning on it.

We offer samples, please contact us and request a PermaStripe or PermaRoute sample pack and see first hand the quality and durability of our products. We can also offer custom solutions dependent on order quantity. If this is your preference then please get in touch with us and see what we can do for your business.


Study in to Slips on Banana Skins Leads to Award

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Slip on BananaIn the non-slip industry we must have one of the least exciting subjects, it is great that a silly (but time honoured) slip problem has finally been investigated.  On a serious level, a Japanese University, Kitasato, has performed a scientific study as to why a banana skin creates slips.  The study has been awarded an Ig Novel award which is effectively a spoof Novel prize.  Although the study was based on a joke, its operation was scientific, one very interesting result that it produced was that a banana skin had a higher level of coefficient of friction compared to ice and snow.  The study points to us how careful we should be with natural weather conditions and the slippage problems that they generate.

Our blog post on slip prevention in winter touched on some points for making your home/business safer during the winter months, but we know there are other angles to be covered and we will follow that up with another post next month.