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Keeping Anti Slip Die Cutting Costs Low

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

die cut anti slip tape blackHeskins offer a range of post production services for anti slip material, allowing you, the customer, to have custom anti slip solutions created for your premises or business.

Dependent on order quantity, Heskins can produce an anti slip solution for you by producing rolls or sheets of anti slip tape in various lengths, widths, colours and shapes.

For shapes, Heskins have a fleet of various anti slip die cutting machines, of which the processes are fast and efficient. By purchasing the best conversion machinery available and modifying them further, Heskins ensure that not only are labour costs kept low, but this results in low prices for Heskins customers.

Anti Slip Die Cutting Small Pieces

If you are interested in purchasing smaller pieces from Heskins, but have a concern over the cost of labour handling for the individual parts, Heskins solution is designed to reduce these costs as much as possible.

For anti slip die cutting small pieces, we often create small bridges along the material, similar to a perforation. The joined pieces are then produced as one, but can be easily and neatly separated at final destination. This maximises production efficiency, which reduces production time and keeps costs to a minimum.

Please see the photos attached.

heskins die cutting services

If you are interested in discussing Heskins custom services, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or by visiting the website. In some circumstances, samples are available on request.


Health & Safety Negligence Causes Accident in Workplace

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Increase health & safety standards with Heskins anti slip tapeA video that has appeared on the internet shows an employee of a fast food chain slipping and landing on a bucket of boiling oil. Not only is this severe negligence on the part of the employee that placed the bucket on the floor, but the video also displays a severe lack of health & safety standards being maintained in the first place.

As can be seen on our website we have the products that can solve almost any non-slip problem in almost any situation. Kitchens are a problematic location; grease is often present, fluids are often spilt and not cleaned up quickly and footwear generally lacks anything more than a basic sole.

Kitchen slip risks can be solved easily, as Heskins produce non-abrasive non slip products that can be easily introduced into strict cleaning regiments. Heskins non abrasive anti slip tapes will not harbor bacteria or food particles, we even show photos of our Resilient being used in a commercial kitchen to display how easy it is to manage and mitigate the slip risk. Heskins non abrasive anti slip tapes are available in a wide range of variants, in a range of sizes, shapes and colours. The range is designed to help you create a specific non abrasive anti slip solution for your premises, ranging from non slip tapes for use around areas exposed to water, to coarser non abrasive finishes for use in environments that are exposed to other contaminants. Heskins anti slip tapes help to maintain regulations, reduce slip risks and increase health & safety standards.

The video shows a slip that ended in nasty consequences, the poor employee landed in hot oil suffering severe burns. Slips are a problem, they always have been, they always will, but with some expert help they can be resolved at a low-cost.

For information on our non abrasive anti slip tape range, visit the website, or contact our sales team by email, phone, or speak to them right now by using our Live Chat feature. We looking forward to hearing from you.


Green Conformable Anti Slip Tape Applied at a Power Plant

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

conformable anti slip tapeHeskins green conformable anti slip tape has recently been applied throughout the site of a local power plant.  Most of the site has benefitted from the application of conformable anti slip tape to increase safety around the site, without introducing any potential hazards.

Conformable anti slip tape is a unique product within the Heskins range.  Most of Heskins anti slip materials have a gritted top surface applied to a plastic backing.  This was not an option for the decision makers of the power plant, as the presence of plastics, in the event of a fire, would create a lot of smoke and noxious odours.  Conformable anti slip tape is backed by a very soft aluminium foil.  The aluminium foil will not handle a flame, therefore will not burn, making it impervious to combustion.
The foil backing which gives conformable anti slip tape its name, as the aluminium backing helps it conform to irregular surfaces, and with aluminium having no inherent memory, it will remain in shape without lifting.  This gives conformable more benefits for the power plant, aside from its anti slip surface and flame retardancy (tested and certified to CAA FAA specification), as many of the walking surfaces are metal plate, which can become slippy in wet weather.  By applying conformable to these walking surfaces, this also removes this hazard from a working day.

green conformable anti slip tapeHeskins stock colours of conformable anti slip tape available for immediate dispatch are black, yellow, orange and black/yellow hazard.  The power plant purchased green conformable anti slip tape, making use of Heskins ability to create custom anti slip products.  Dependent on order quantity, Heskins can create virtually all of their products in colours matching pantone and RAL references, as well as giving customers the options to receive products in specific shapes and sizes also.

For more information on Heskins conformable anti slip tape, please visit the website, or to place an order, contact the Heskins sales team by phone or email.