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About Heskins Ltd

Heskins Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of self-adhesive abrasive safety tape, operating from modern factory sites in the North West, UK and the Netherlands. Fully certified to ISO9000:2015 and ISO 14001 standards. We utilise lean manufacturing methods enabling us to offer both a guaranteed quality product and also a competitive price.

Since our establishment in 1997 Heskins has grown to become the world’s foremost choice for abrasive safety tape, supplying our product to every continent and offer from our site next day delivery solutions to many countries. The reason for our success is our specialisation; we solely make and sell our own materials; the self-adhesive abrasive safety tape, we aim to provide an honest, competitive and effective solution to the problem.

Heskins’ wide range of manufacturing and post-production conversion machines enable us to offer the customer a choice of any grade, any colour, any shape, any width and any format, we aim to be flexible and conform to all the demands necessary in today’s competitive climate. Please enquire about our logistical support systems including Kanban, kit packs, consignment stock and our ability to meet your IT requirements, including EDI and self invoice.
Due to the wide range of modern production machines we possess, we are also able to offer contract facilities such as adhesive coating, die-cutting, sheeting, on-site anti-slip coating, single knife slitting and crush cutting.

Please contact us today and let us prove Heskins really can offer the abrasive safety tape anti-slip solution you need.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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