Would You Like Access to the World's Biggest Market?


Surely this a rhetorical question, we all would say yes, the difficulty being is how we can access the world’s biggest market. Heskins makes it easy. Resellers love the fact that we simplify the resell processes; we direct dispatch for most of the big names in Europe. The customer holds no stock, we direct dispatch for them, there is no mention of Heskins, you receive a UPS tracking number by close of business, an invoice is sent by email to you. Our customer has access to the world’s largest stock of non-slip materials and heavy-duty aisle marking products but without holding any stock themselves, all of the stock is available for immediate dispatch. The customer has zero internal logistics costs, all of the admin, handling, packaging etc is dealt with by Heskins.


The World’s Biggest Market?

Now, to go back to our original question what about doing this for the world’s biggest market, the USA? Heskins’ American facility is based in Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, The Steel City.  The location is great, Pittsburgh is conveniently located in the middle of the East Coast and the Midwest. Our American factory and warehouse is huge, we have large finished stock ready to be sent tied with the usual Heskins wide range of production machinery to enable any size or shape to be created. Heskins USA uses FedEx for their delivery service, as FedEx is not unionised they typically offer faster delivery than UPS. Their systems work exactly the same as the UK company, they can accept orders, dispatch, invoice etc.


We offer European resellers the ability to bring their company to North America very easily via our reseller service. If you could be interested in supplying to 327,000,000 Americans, 129,000,000 Mexicans and 37,000,000 Canadians please get in touch. There are some requirements we have for this facility so please make contact with myself; Larry Longton.


You can do so by contacting me via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, complete the contact us form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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