Ancillaries to Increase Anti Slip Tape Application Durability

For this blog post I am going back to basics and discussing, without any doubt, our most popular discussion point with customers, how to apply onto porous timber and stone!  In Europe the weather is now decidedly wet, cold and damp, perfect slipping conditions.  It is at this time of year that we receive most enquiries concerning slipping on external surfaces, the information below should help.   As our anti slip tape is a surface fixing instead of a mechanical fixing it requires a stable substrate to adhere to; a loose floor or one that is prone to changes (however small) will create adhesion issues which can then result in failure..  Porous external surfaces are vulnerable to surface changes, the composition of unsealed concrete, marble, wood etc, allows moisture to penetrate the exposed areas and then travel through.  The moisture even in small quantities can then move to the surface which is adhered to our safety-grip, the bond between the safety-grip and the surface is then broken, which results in the anti slip tape lifting or ‘curling’.  Simply reapplying onto the surface will not change the result, it will happen again until the surface is sealed.   500ml tin of H3506 primerThe solution is to use a primer prior to application of the safety-grip onto a porous external surface (or an internal porous surface if it is prone to moisture), the primer effectively creates an impermeable barrier that allows the safety-grip adhesive to have a stable application.  Our primer is H3506, it comes in a liquid format (we sell in 500ml and 1L cans but other volumes are available on request), it is brushed down on the area where the non slip surface is required, a paint brush is ideal.  The H3506 dries within minutes; typically 5 minutes in summer conditions and up to 20 minutes in winter, one can tell when it is ready, it should be dry to touch.  Once dry apply the anti slip tape as normal.  For a really durable surface use our H3502 edge fix down the sides.   Edge fix being applied to anti slip tape.A porous surface that has been sealed with H3506 will provide a good, solid, stable surface for adhering onto.       Please note the following; • H3506 cannot make a loose surface stable, i.e. crumbling concrete, flaking paint etc. • It has to be applied onto a dry surface, once applied it can then withstand water, moisture, weather etc. • H3506 does have an additional benefit of providing extra key onto difficult substrates and other low energy surfaces.   For visual reference, please refer to our anti slip tape ancillaries focus video.

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