Arsene Wenger slip shows how important floor safety really is.

I must confess, I am a floor safety addict, searching for newspaper articles that highlight how important it is to have safe surfaces. As you can see the Arsenal manager has had a very nasty fall at a railway station.  If look at the photos, it is no surprise. Liverpool Lime St Station has attractive, glossy tiles which are bad enough yet has no mat to reduce the surface water that will be brought in on the under-surface of shoes.

A smooth surface and water is a lethal combination, and I mean lethal.  As I keep ‘banging on about it’ when will managers and specifiers at major areas like railway stations take seriously the risks involved, modern legislation requires them to manage the risks, potentially this is not enough? To the managers at that station they may view managing the risk is to put some yellow triangles with the notice stating that the floor is slippery. How much help they provide is pitiful.

What would I propose for Liverpool Lime St Station?

Firstly install barrier matting near the entrances, this would help reduce water coming in on soles. Secondly coat the tiles to make them non slip, our clear safety-grip would be perfect, this could be done for the first 10 metres to help reduce risks in the most dangerous area.

Read the full article here: http://­www.­dailymail.­co.­uk/­news/­article-2555091/­Wenger-takes-tumble-Long-serving-Arsenal-boss-butt-jokes-pictured-slipping-train-station.­html

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