Heskins Anti Slip Crush Cutters: Bespoke Anti Slip Tape Production

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

crush cutter for anti slip tape productionA very common question we receive is “Can Heskins produce rolls of abrasive anti slip tape narrower than 19mm?”.

‘Yes’ is the answer but there are some things to think of.

Heskins Safety-Grip anti slip tape is abrasive and extremely tough as it is designed to provide long lasting slip prevention protection in difficult environments. Heskins are unique in that our anti slip tape Safety-Grip does not have just one coat of resin that holds the grit down, but two. This is an expensive and time consuming process but ensures that the grit stays where it should be and does not brush away as soon as the product is used.

The durability means that we must cut using blades that work by pressure not cutting sharpness. Using our special designed anti slip crush cutters, we cut using extreme pressure (multiple blades each with tremendous forces applied) onto a strengthened supported roller. Each blade is 19mm wide meaning that the minimum roll width is 19mm. To cut widths narrower than 19mm we use special thin blades. Each blade is 10mm wide, these allow us to cut rolls down to 10mm.

anti slip tape crush crutterThe problem is that the narrow blades are not durable, the forces involved damage them so they cannot be used for normal slitting requirements, only when a thin anti slip tape roll is required. To create, for example, a 12mm wide roll of safety-grip anti slip tape we would remove all the normal blades, install the special narrow blades to our anti slip crush cutters, then when finished remove all the narrow blades and finally reapply all the normal blades. Quite a time intensive process!

A normal pricing structure at Heskins is for the rolls of anti slip tape to be prorata, meaning that a 50mm wide roll is twice as expensive compared to a 25mm wide roll. With widths narrower than 19mm this is not the case. We must recover the time taken to change the blades over and the fact that we cannot produce as many rolls as is normal due to excessive pressures being applied in a small area.

I hope that this (I think boring but important) article explains more about narrow width slitting of abrasive anti slip tape Safety-Grip at Heskins!

View our services page to see our other bespoke anti slip tape production methods.

If you do require more information, or would like to speak to us regarding bespoke anti slip tape production, you can do so by contacting the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.


PermaStripe Boot Shapes in Airport Security Trays

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

airport security trayHeskins have received enquiries recently from various flight security agencies with a problem. They felt that security queues in airports were being slowed down due to passengers simply not knowing where to place their shoes when they remove them while going through security gates.

While per person, this is merely seconds of time, with the amount of people passing through, this time can really add up, and cause massive delays.

They required a solution which gave passengers clear and direct indication of where to place their shoes once they have removed them. By providing visual instruction, this reduces the amount of time security staff are distracted with vocal instruction to individuals, increasing focus on their task and speeding up security gate queues.

permastripe boots in airport trayHeskins recommended PermaStripe, specifically die cut boot shapes, as it has an extremely high quality adhesive that will securely bond to the PP (Polypropylene) plastic tray used. PP is a difficult surface to adhere to, due to its low energy (read more on low energy surfaces here) but PermaStripe adhesive works perfectly.

The PermaStripe die cut boots shapes Heskins provided are at a scale of 1:1, and when applied in the tray provide correct visual guidance, helping to lessen queue times through airport security.

It is a neat and simple idea that is effective and inexpensive.

For more information on Heskins PermaStripe material, you can visit the PermaStripe website, or alternatively contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the Heskins website.


Heskins Anti Slip Tape at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

heskins anti slip tape on rio 2016 bmx rampHeskins have been chosen to supply anti slip tape for the BMX course start ramp at the Rio 2016 Olympics! The 3rd olympic event in a row!

For this olympics, we were asked to supply a 10 metre x 20 metre anti slip surface of H3401W standard Safety Grip anti slip tape, the same anti slip material provided for the last two olympic games, but this time in our stunning shade of green to match the colour theme of the event.

It was shipped in rolls of sectioned tiles which were pieced together during application, and the result looks very impressive indeed!

The BMX event starts tomorrow the 17th of August and we are crossing our fingers for Team GB to get the gold!

We are proud that Heskins anti slip products are once again being used at such a prestigious event such as the Olympics. The consistency of use year on year show the quality of the materials we produce.

Heskins now also produce BMX start ramp kits in various designs, and we can also accommodate custom design requests, please contact us for more information.

We are looking forward to the start of the BMX event at the Rio 2016 Olympics and our products being shown on the TV!

Go team GB!