H7502 Warehouse Markers – Heskins Best Kept Secret

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

h7502 x warehouse markersH7502 Warehouse Markers are something of a best kept secret here at Heskins. They are made from a self-adhesive plastic that has excellent durability for use at an industrial level.

Available in a variety of shapes as well as printed numbers and letters, H7502 Warehouse Markers are suitable for creating an optimised 5S floor and warehouse marking system in the workplace. Allowing you to create bays for pallets and other items, as well as designate areas, whether it be for employee safety, workplace organisation or both.

Warehouse Markers Simple Application

The application is simple. Once you have decided on your floor plan, you can apply H7502 to a clean, dry surface by peeling the backing paper off and sticking down. Once applied, they are ready to use immediately, and in most cases, downtime is unnecessary. This allows you to create an optimised, safe working environment with minimal downtime that will affect production very little.

Better Than Paint?

printed t warehouse markerWarehouse Marker material is a more cost effective and efficient alternative to paint and thin tapes. Due to its durable construction, low cost and simple application it is a superior choice to options that either require excessive downtime due to slow application and drying times or will deteriorate quickly and require replacement and therefore more downtime, as well as more expenditure due to buying more material.

It is an economic solution to workplace optimisation, as its construction allows it to be supplied at a low cost, making kitting out floor surfaces in buildings very cost effective.

We have many shapes available off the shelf for immediate dispatch, with some featuring letters and numbers as an under laminate surface print.

To order or enquire further about Warehouse Marker material, you can do so by contacting the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

New Glow in the Dark Directional Marking Tape

Friday, October 21st, 2016

glow in the dark directional marking tapeWe have a new photoluminescent material to announce; glow in the dark directional marking tape!

Have you ever been in a building, and the lights have gone out and you can’t find the exit? Heck, have you been in a building during the day and can’t find the exit? Well now you can, by simply applying Heskins new glow in the dark directional marking tape!! *crowd goes wild*

The difference with our glow in the dark directional marking tape compared to our other egress tapes, is that the top surface has a black, full chevron print, helping to guide employees and guests in the right direction on walkways and stairways to the exits day or night. This top print is then protected with a laminate layer, to prevent wear and tear through prolonged use.

H8101C is an excellent glow in the dark directional marking tape that has impressive luminance figures of between 4~6 hours! This is a midway point between our standard and high quality egress tapes in terms of glow time, adding a new performance and pricing level option for you!

Why Offer More Glow in the Dark Tape?

glow in the dark directional tapeYou may think “why not only produce and sell the material that glows for the longest time?”. Well, the reason behind that, is because not everyone needs a glow in the dark tape that glows for extended hours. You may only need a glow in the dark tape that glows for 15 minutes, something that lights up an area just long enough that allows you to get from the light switches to the door. On the other hand, you may need glow in the dark material to add cost effective guidance through unimportant or lightly used areas, so as to not spend on money powering lights all the time. Glow in the dark material that glows for long periods of time that will safely guide people through extensive areas if there is ever a power out may also be another option for you.

This is exactly why we offer glow in the dark materials with varying glow times to you, as the cost difference for manufacture between the short term glow and long term glow is extensive, so we like to offer products that not only suit your need, but will be cost effective too!

Heskins will be bringing a video out in the future that demonstrates the use of our new directional glow in the dark marking tape in the future. You can subscribe to the Heskins Youtube channel and like the Heskins Facebook page in anticipation for that announcement.

The 50mm x 10m rolls are available immediately from stock. Excellent for highlighting and guiding towards exit routes and steps. The reason why we only offer it in this size is due to the print. For other sizes, you can view our glow in the dark egress hazard marking tape.

For more information, you can contact the sales team via phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website!


Anti Slip Tape Application to Prevent Illegal Fly Posting

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Here at Heskins, when someone asks us how many applications do our products lend themselves to, we usually answer “How long is a piece of string?”

This is simply down to the fact that someone, somewhere is always finding a new application for our products, and this post is regarding one of those!

Fly Posting

bin with anti slip tape applied to stop fly postingFly posting is a guerilla marketing tactic, that involves placing posters and flyers on walls, windows and various other places in a city, and it can be seen as legal or illegal depending on where the posters are applied.

For many, this can be seen as vandalization of property, which can be costly for the owners to clean up, or an eyesore if they don’t.

When high maintenance is necessary, this can be very frustrating, and doesn’t seem to deter fly posters.

One of our customers got in touch recently, letting us know they had come up with a pretty nifty idea for the application of our anti slip tape. Potentially a deterrent for illegal fly posting.

bin with non slip tape to prevent illegal fly postingThey have applied Heskins standard Safety Grip on all the flat surfaces of their waste disposal bins. This will stop posters from sticking when they are pasted on, as the surface is not smooth enough to achieve an effective bond.

While sticking something on the surface could be seen as defeating the object, it is infinitely much better than the bins being covered in posters. Overtime they will be subject to wear and tear, making them look unsightly.

Heskins offer die cuts of all variants of our anti slip tape for this very purpose. We do stock many die cuts that will not require much adaptation for application. We can offer bespoke die cuts dependent on order quantity.

If you would like to enquire further, or simple place an order, you can do so by getting in touch with our sales team. You can contact Heskins via email, phone, live chat or fill out the contact us form on the website and one of our sales team members will get back to you.