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Preventing Slips Near Water

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

anti slip tape applied to racing yachtIt’s that time of year when Britain has a go at summer.

While Britain’s currently doing as well at summer as England did at football in the European Championship, there will still be in an increase in outdoor pool and boat use for leisure.

With this, comes an increase in slip and fall injuries due to surface water retention, which is naturally prevalent throughout the year at indoor pools and other areas exposed to water, but with the increase in personal pool use, safety regulations possibly aren’t upheld as well as they should be.

Besides summer use for leisure, our non abrasive and water friendly anti slip tapes are suitable for use in any any private, public, commercial or industrial application for preventing slips near water. Here are the options below:

Aqua Safe

transparent aqua safe non slip tapeHeskins flagship non abrasive anti slip product. The first non abrasive of which all our others would follow. It was our first product were we used embossing methods to create an anti slip surface on a manipulated PVC. This gave us a non slip slip surface that was not just one, whole material, but was also kind to bare skin.


resilient anti slip tapeResilient was created to offer even greater grip levels than the aforementioned Aqua Safe, and this the plan to expand our non abrasive range began! Resilient is slightly thicker than Aqua Safe, due to the material used, which was a rubber-like compound which then had the surface embossed with a different pattern to achieve greater grip levels.


Coarse Resilient

Blue coarse resilient anti slip tapeSeeing what grip levels we could achieve was a mission of ours that we needed to complete,and with Coarse Resilient, we feel confident enough to say mission accomplished. Using the same process as our resilient anti slip tape, but then employing an additional method of ‘micro blowing’ while the material is still molten, yields greater peaks and valleys in the material that provides yet more grip. This makes coarse resilient anti slip tape our most industrial grade non abrasive material yet!

Lean Coarse Resilient

coarse resilient lean anti slip tapeFollowing on from the success of our coarse resilient anti slip tape, while some customers loved the product as it was, some required a non abrasive with the same grip levels, but for their solution to not be as thick in terms of depth. At this point, we had the abilities to create a surface that was identical to coarse resilient, but modifying manufacturing methods to allow the product to be thinner.

Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

ribbed rubber anti slip tapeOur second symmetrical non abrasive material ( After our handrail grip tape ). The manufacturer of ribbed rubber anti slip tape employs a technique which allows us to manipulate a plastic composite to feel more like rubber. What this achieves is a rubber feel, with a more consistent finish, resulting in a higher quality product with virtually no defects, meaning greater durability. Ribbed rubber type anti slip tape gives you the solution of anti slip surface with drainage.

Marine Anti Slip Tape

marine anti slip tapeMarine anti slip tape is Heskins abrasive anti slip tape designed to be used specifically for sea-fairing activities! Pleasure crafts and commercial liners will benefit from it’s use, as not only does it provide a hard wearing anti slip surface that copes with the demand of a sailor/ship worker, but it is 100% salt resistant! Marine anti slip tape features a grit coating of S2, silicone carbide, which are small glass beads, allowing it to perform like an abrasive anti slip tape, but without the sharp edges that can damage skin and clothes like the aluminium oxide grit on Heskins Safety Grip would.

All of our non abrasive and marine fairing anti slip tapes are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours, with custom options available depending on order quantity to prevent slips near water. For more information, you can call the sales team to ask questions, place an order or request samples or head over to the Heskins website to take a look at the respective products in greater detail before contacting the sales team via email, live chat or the contact us page on the website.




Heskins Shrink Wrapping Services

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

hazard anti slip roll in shrink wrappingHeskins offers a shrink wrapping service for resellers, allowing customers to receive Heskins anti slip products ready for resale straight out of the box.

One part of this process, is packaging the Heskins anti slip products ready for packing and delivery. We offer a few packing options, but our most popular, is shrink wrapping. This ensures the products stay clean during transit and storage. It is also a very cost effective method of packaging products.

When purchasing Heskins anti slip products for resale, Heskins individually package your products by placing a label over the core, wrapping them in plastic, then placing them on the conveyer belt through the shrink wrapping oven. When they come through the other side they are perfectly sealed and ready for packing and dispatch.

Once received, retailers can place Heskins anti slip products on to shelves immediately for resale, with no prep time involved.

Heskins can provide basic labels featuring information, or can provide a label printed with your companies branding, and even include barcodes and SKU’s.

Shrink wrapping services are available on rolls that are 100mm and 50mm in width.

What do you offer besides shrink wrapping?

blank sleeve anti slip rollCardboard sleeves, with your Companies brand design applied to insert rolls into, ready for immediate resale. The sleeves can feature barcodes, SKU’s, QR codes and anything else you require.

  • Anti slip rolls can also be wrapped before shrink wrapping. This protects the shrink wrapping and anti slip surface, making them more resilient ( see what we did there ) in storage and on display.
  • Bags ( akin to our Tenura packaging ) whereby we place the rolls inside the bags, which can come complete with branded labelling, if required.
  • Boxes made specifically for rolls measuring 150mm x 610mm. These are the most popular choice; however, we can make them to accommodate other sizes, if necessary.

You can view our video regarding our resellers service right here:

For more information on Heskins reseller services, you can contact us by email, phone or by using the contact us form on the website to speak to one of our sales team.


Heskins Different Anti Slip Tapes Explained

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

heskins different anti slip tapesHeskins range of products has grown massively since 1997, with anti slip tape products, glow in the dark tape, floor marking tape and many variants of these also.

Two of our most popular products are abrasive and non-abrasive anti slip tape. But what is the difference?

Here we will use this blog post as an opportunity to explain the different anti slip tapes Heskins supply.

Anti Slip Tape Construction

First we start by explaining the differences in the construction between abrasive and non abrasive anti slip tape. By understanding the construction of both anti slip materials; this is the beginning of helping you to decide which anti slip surface is suitable for your application.

Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

standard, coarse and extra coarse safety gripOur flagship anti slip tape, Safety Grip, was our first material we ever created and sold. Safety grip is our abrasive anti slip tape that was the basis and foundation for all of our abrasive product variations.

The construction of Safety Grip begins with the backing liner, a flexible PVC band that provides excellent durability in virtually all weather types.

Resin is applied to the surface, and then crushed aluminium oxide is applied to the surface. It is then passed through a static bar, ensuring the sharpest ends of the grit point upwards, before sealing the surface with a lighter coat of resin to prevent shedding and increasing durability.

Adhesive is applied to the underside, and covered with a backing liner, finishing the product.

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Non Abrasive Anti Slip TapeNon abrasive anti slip tape comes in many forms, but the construction virtually follows the same process.

Using varying thicknesses of PVC, manipulated for a more ‘rubber like’ finish, it is passed through an embossing roller to form the anti slip surface.

For our coarse resilient, one more step is taken at this stage. While the material is still molten, it goes through a process known as ‘micro-blowing’. This creates deeper valleys, and higher peaks on the material, allowing for a different finish as to that of our aqua safe, for example.

Once the material has set, and adhesive is applied to the underside, and a backing liner is added to protect that until application.

This method of production for our non abrasive anti slip materials ensures that there are no hidden crevices on the material were dirt can harbour, all the while providing effective grip protection that can rival our Safety Grip. Use in wet areas, as well as sterile areas that have strict hygiene standards imposed on them is possible with non abrasive anti slip tape.

Application Examples

Heskins different anti slip tapes have been applied far and wide, and here are a few examples of where they can be used to help you make your choice.


abrasive anti slip applicationMany external areas are susceptible to build ups of dirt, either through conditions or low maintenance. The presence of dirt itself can be enough to cause slips, but add water to the mix and you have a guaranteed hazard on your hands, or feet, if you prefer. Poor material used for flooring in many areas can also be enough to cause slip hazards. With the deep valleys and high, sharp peaks, dirt and dust can settle in these valleys, without it affecting the performance of your chosen anti slip product.

Here are some example areas of where abrasive anti slip tape can be applied to eradicate the risk of slip and fall accidents.

  • External walkways
  • External Stairways and Nosing’s
  • Diamond tread walkways and stairs

Non Abrasive

Non abrasive anti slip tapeNon abrasive anti slip tape features an effective non slip surface, but is also smooth enough to walk on bare foot if necessary. As the name suggests, there is no abrasion that could damage skin or clothes, and it also lacks any valleys or hidden areas where dirt or bacteria can harbour.

Non abrasive non slip tape can be applied in areas exposed to water, or environments with strict hygiene standards, such as:

  • Boats
  • Swimming pools
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Medical labs
  • Clean rooms

A video is available on the Heskins Youtube channel which gives you a visual of our different anti slip tapes.

For more information, please visit the website and view our range of different anti slip tapes, or alternatively you can contact us by phone, email or fill in the contact form.