non slip tape on forkliftsForklifts are an integral part of most workplaces, helping to move large quantities of goods and machinery around with ease. Not only this, but most forklifts have the ability for large amounts of goods stacked on pallets to be stored in high-tiered racking.

While forklifts are an invaluable part of any workplace and business, they are still prone to mishaps. With most forks on forklifts simply being bare metal, sometimes the grip on them isn’t the greatest, and as the choice of pallets are wood, or plastic, the latter of which have a low energy surface, combining this with bare metal forks, with the possible addition of contaminants in the workplace, such as water or oil and grease, equates to the possibilities of a slip.

Non Slip Tape for Forklifts

A customer of ours has recently been in touch, showing their simple application of non slip tape onto the forks of their forklift.

The application of non slip tape to forklift forks can allow for a better grip to be achieved on pallets, preventing accidents in the workplace due to moving heavy goods around the workplace.

non slip tape for forkliftsThe application of non slip tape for forklifts is simple. By cleaning the surface with an alcohol based cleaner, and allowing the forks to dry before applying non slip tape, you can achieve exceptional slip protection when managing pallets.

We offer a wide range of abrasive and non abrasive non slip tapes which would be perfect for using as slip protection on forklifts, with the footplates also benefiting from a non slip surface, as well as the forks. Heskins stock a range of non slip tapes in various grit grades, finishes, colours, shapes and sizes. Custom options are also available dependent on order quantity.

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