Chemicals Regulatory Approvals

As a responsible manuf­ac­turer, we take our envi­ron­mental and legislative standards seriously.­ We are always using external laboratories to prepare our datasheets, no testing is done in house, our ethics are so high that we want the customer to be undeniably certain of the veracity of the date provided.

All data sheets come complete with the laboratories details along with some form of their reference.­ On request, we can provide the un-summarised testing reports, complete with English translation if tested in Germany etc.


  • Lead.
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium
  • Hexavalent chromium
  • Polyb­ro­minated biphenyls
  • Polyb­ro­minated diphenyl ether


As a company we started work on full REACH compliance in 2006, by October of that year all documents and procedures were in place to ensure that all our customers received the correct information to meet the EU legislation.

As a manufacturer we work with various raw chemicals, chemical manuf­ac­turers and chemical importers, we have worked closely with each one to ensure that our upstream documents are valid and correct.

All other legislations

Due to the wide variety of countries and their respective regulations that we work, we are happy to discuss all requ­ire­ments.

For our liquid ancillaries we can issue DGs or Marine DGs, for liquid ancillaries that we are being sent by air freight we can arrange regulatory approved packaging along with the necessary document, please enquire with our logistics team for more information concerning this.