Clear coarse resilient non skid tape now available

clear coarse resilient anti slip tapeOur coarse resilient has always been consistently popular. In 2010 we completely redesigned its construc­tion, its appearance looks the same but underneath the surface, everything has changed, the alteration not only ensured that we have a more stable material but allows for incredible levels of adhesion. Coarse resilient is an embossed PVC yet possesses very high levels of coefficient of friction (CoF) due to the unique blown embossed surface texture. Most of our non-abrasive products are embossed which creates a great surface texture combined with good levels of CoF. Whilst still molten if the surface is micro-blown this enables deep troughs and valleys; these troughs allow for pronounced levels of CoF (for further information I want to clarify that I am not suggesting that surface roughness is the sole factor in CoF values, i.e. peak-to-valley, PTV. In a future blog post I will go into further detail concerning CoF and the problems associated with relying on PTV using rz meters). We have historically produced the coarse resilient in black or grey, over the years we have received many requests for a clear coarse resilient. Our previous coarse resilient construction would not allow for a clear version, once the material composition had been changed it allowed for a successful product.  We are happy to announce it is ready and available for sale!

The clear coarse resilient is offered in the usual vast range of sizes, shapes and widths, samples are available. As the product is fully waterproof it lends itself to an array of uses in wet areas. For any samples or more information please contact our sales office via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, send a message through the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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