Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape: Now in White!

White coarse resilient anti slip grip tape Coarse resilient anti slip tape has been available since its inception in black and grey, then clear followed, as new technology allowed us to create it, and now it is also available in white. The reason it took so long? demand. While we have many off the shelf products ready for immediate dispatch, they all usually start out the same way, we produce them to order until demand becomes so large it becomes more cost-effective to mass-produce our anti slip tapes, so not only can we pass the savings on to you, it also drastically reduces lead times. We finds this as a great way to test the waters with new products, allowing us to use warehouse space more efficiently, making a more efficient system..... efficiency is our game if you couldnt tell already! Our coarse resilient anti slip tape is suitable for areas where abrasive surfaces wouldn't be the preferred choice. Like all our non-abrasive materials, it is kind to skin, and waterproof, so can deal with areas exposed to water, and is also more hygienic and easier to clean, allowing clinical and catering environments to take advantage of it. White clear coarse resilient anti slip tape is available right now! Please contact us for more information on it.

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