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ColorCovers Available Now!

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ColorCover custom signs are available now! Allowing you to create quick, cost-efficient custom signs for any part of your business.

An evolution of PermaCover, ColorCovers feature the same fantastic benefits, with one key addition, they are available in a range of colours to help mark your premises signs accordingly.

With ColorCover and PermaCover, it now allows you to create cost effective, custom signs quickly and effectively with just a standard printer, removing the need for expensive printers and minimum order quantities.

ColorCovers are available in 5 colour choices, blue, black, green, white and yellow with 2 size options, 401mmx314mm and 314mmx252mm. These match many colour standards to mark areas of the building according to official colour references ( available to download here ).

For full information, you can visit our page on ColorCover custom signs, or contact us by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form.

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