Extra Coarse Safety Grip H3402NUC

black extra coarse anti slip tape

Extra Coarse safety grip anti slip tape is unique.  It is the world’s most durable and coarsest anti slip tape.

H3402NUC X-Coarse uses a rare and very big type of aluminium oxide granule.  The grit is so heavy that it requires a special plastic film to be able to carry it without splitting.  The plastic film is coated with a high tack adhesive (HG), the adhesive is designed to adhere onto often difficult substrates such as low energy powder coat that are notoriously problematic for normal adhesives.


Extra coarse Safety Grip is available in the following colour:

black extra coarse safety grip tape



Light Reflectance Values

Light reflectance values for H3402NUC are as follows:

  Av. LRV Range
Black 3.8 0.16


close up of extra coarse safety gripWe produce X-Coarse anti slip tape in any width from 19mm upto 1168mm, widths between 10mm and 18mm are available to special order.  Extra coarse Safety Grip tape is available in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 150mm rolls off the shelf, with a selection of die cuts available. Any size can be produced dependent on quantity; our die cutting is accurate down to 0.1mm.  All rolls are provided in a length of 18.3 metres.


H3402NUC X-Coarse Safety Grip is designed for heavy duty, industrial applications. The deep grit copes well with harsh conditions and heavy use. X-Coarse anti slip tape does not readily fill with ice; the extremely deep valleys help to let fluids flow away.

Coefficient of Friction Data

Dry Surface Test Result Wet Surface Test Result
102 TRL 80 TRL

Custom Extra Coarse Anti Slip Tape

Dependent on order quantity, we can create custom anti slip solutions from our extra coarse Safety Grip. A range of colours (matching Pantone or RAL references), sizes and shapes can be created to suit your requirements.

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