Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape / H3403X Plain & H3403D Hazard

H3403X Glow in the Dark Standard Safety Grip 50mm web
  • H3403X Glow in the Dark Standard Safety Grip 50mm web
  • H3403X Glow in the Dark Standard Safety Grip 50mm N web
  • H3403D Glow in the Dark Hazard Standard Safety Grip 50mm web
  • H3403D Glow in the Dark Hazard Standard Safety Grip 50mm N web
  • plain-glow-in-the-dark-anti-slip-tape-on-steps
  • hazard-glow-in-the-dark-anti-slip-tape-on-steps
  • H3403-GID-Hazard-Anti-Slip
Product code H3403X
• Heskins Safety Grip with glow in the dark base
• Available plain or hazard
• Guides personnel during blackouts

Heskins first produced glow in the dark (photolu­min­escent) anti slip tape in 1998, back then we thought it was novel and would be of limited interest, there was nothing else similar.­  How wrong we were, it is now a very popular material.­  To ensure that our glow in the dark grip tape is highly visible and effective it possesses two separate levels of photolu­min­escent coatings;

  • The self-adhesive plastic base is photolu­min­escent.
  • The grit is held onto the film using a flexible resin; the resin is impregnated with photolu­min­escent, glow in the dark paste.

During the daytime glow in the dark non slip tape appears to be a mild green shade, in darkness or any lights out scenario it emits a bright white light.  Photolu­min­escent safety-grip can be charged by either natural or artificial light sources.­ The duration of the light emission varies according to the amount of light received.­  It is typically released over a period of a few hours.  None of the photolu­min­escent materials produced by Heskins contain any radioactive products, so can be used in many environments.­  The colour choice is either plain or hazard chevrons.

Ideal for use highlighting critical areas and especially those prone to power failure.

The grit surface on our glow in the dark anti slip tape is the Heskins industry leading mineral coating.  The level of grip is far in excess of any existing or proposed anti slip legislation and requirement; this includes UK, EU, America or Australia.  The deep grits help to prevent clogging by dirt or dust which is often present in industrial applications.  Heskins tests materials using DIN, Pendulum and ASTM criteria, test certificates and approvals are available by email.

Glow in the dark anti slip tape is available in plain ( H3403X ) or hazard ( H3403D ) versions & roll or die cut piece format. Conventional roll length is 18.3m but any roll length from 3m upto 100m being feasible, any roll width is possible. Die cut custom pieces are possible in any size.

To enquire further or place an order, contact the Heskins sales team by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form on the website.

Regulations and Certi­fica­tions

Below is a table denoting what regulations glow in the dark Safety Grip meets and what certs, if any, are available.

R118 (Burning behavior of materials used in the construction of commercial vehicles) Download

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