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Glow in the Dark Photoluminescent Tape Now Available!


After many requests, we decided to produce a photoluminescent tape for off the shelf sale. Our photoluminescent tape is available in many variations….

After receiving many requests we have decided to sell the smooth glow in the dark photoluminescent tape used in various Heskins products. The glow in the dark tape is smooth and self-adhesive. During conventional daylight conditions the colour of our glow in the dark is light green, in a lights out situation it provides a white light that is ideal for illuminating stair nosings, walkways, door surrounds, escape routes, skirting boards and anywhere that might require a good quality lights-out glow in the dark. The Heskins materials are non-toxic and free from phosphorus or radioactive ingredients. Our photoluminescent tapes work by absorbing energy from natural or artificial lighting using photons, it then slowly discharges this energy by gently glowing over a period of time. Our glow in the dark tape typically needs a period of hours to absorb sufficient light to allow a decent amount of light discharge. The discharge of light starts immediately once the lights-out commences. Our glow in the dark roll lengths are 10m and the widths of the roll can be any size from 12mm upto 1170mm, for die cuts or specific lengths please enquire, we aim to help! Our photoluminescent comes with a paper backing liner to help preserve the adhesive for the longest period possible. We have priced the glow in the dark very competitively, we look forward to hearing from you. Printing on our material is possible, please enquire for further information and guidance. For information on meeting various specifications and standards relating to glow in the dark tape, e.g. PSPA, ISO 17398, ISO 16069, DIN 67510 part 1, DIN 67510 part 4, IMO resolution 752(18) and New York Local Law 26 please enquire.

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