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H3401 & H3402 Transparent Anti-Slip Tape – Whats the Difference?


Transparent anti slip tape has been produced by Heskins since the 1990s. Around 20 years ago we chose to produce the optically clear product using an unusual grit which is S2. S2 is a form of silica, the end product is small glass bead like materials that possesses incredible transparency, they allow extremely high levels of light and colour to pass through whilst still being an extremely effective anti slip surface. This material is our H3402T transparent safety-grip, we give it the prefix H3402 as the coating amount is within our coarse parameters.

As mentioned, the H3402T transparent safety-grip anti slip tape has fantastic clarity, it really is optically clear, but, many companies still prefer the grit texture of our normal abrasive safety-grip products. The most common abrasive mineral that Heskins uses is aluminium oxide. Aluminium oxide has superb properties for anti slip applications.

Innovative Use of S2 Silica for Optimal Clarity and Grip

The H3401T is engineered using S2 silica, a form of silica known for its glass bead-like appearance and exceptional transparency. This innovative material choice allows the tape to transmit light and colour without distortion, making it an ideal choice for areas where aesthetic appeal is as important as safety. The coarse coating of the H3401T ensures that it maintains excellent anti-slip properties without compromising on visibility, making it a preferred option for businesses.


On the MOHS scale aluminium oxide has a rating of 9, this is incredibly hard, steel for example is 4. This high level of hardness provides great durability, the hardness also helps to prevent the sharp edges being easily removed, providing long term use.


Aluminium oxide is a sharp abrasive mineral, it has no rounded edges, all angles are sharp. These sharp points provide great grip for shoes, equipment etc.

Static Charge

To ensure that we get the sharpest point of the aluminium oxide granule pointing up, we use static electricity. This is how we manufacture anti slip tape: we pass the plastic film through a bath of liquid, flexible resin, we coat it with aluminium oxide granules then it immediately passes underneath a static electricity bar. The static acts in the same process as when a balloon is rubbed on hair, the sharpest points then stand up, the static bar creates the same effect, the sharpest point of the aluminium oxide granule points upwards. The materials immediately pass through a low bake oven to set the resin and the resin process is repeated.

Versatility and Customisation

The H3401T is designed to be versatile, catering to a wide range of applications from industrial settings to residential areas where safety and aesthetics are crucial. Available in all widths and die cuts, it offers flexibility for different use cases. Furthermore, Heskins is committed to meeting specific customer needs through the production of custom materials, underscoring our dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

If you do want Heskins to produce a custom material, please do enquire with us, we are always to accommodate something unusual!

Looking Forward To The Future of Anti-Slip Technology at Heskins

As we continue to expand our product range, the introduction of the H3401T transparent standard safety-grip is just the beginning. We are constantly exploring new materials and technologies to enhance the performance and versatility of our safety-grip products. Our commitment to research and development is driven by our mission to provide effective, innovative solutions for slip prevention.

We have always produced our H3401T standard transparent safety-grip but did not list in our brochures, on our website, price lists etc, however due to demand we are now listing this as a stock item. All widths and die cuts of H3401T are available.

H3401T represents a significant advancement in anti-slip tape technology, offering an optimal balance of safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal. At Heskins, we are proud to lead the way in creating safer environments through our innovative products and look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in the years to come.


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