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H4646 Thick Non Slip Fabric Now Available

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

Our latest entry into the non-slip fabric range is H4646. At 3.7mm this is a thick non-slip fabric, the thickest we’ve produced. Read more in this blog post.

Heskins®, a renowned provider of high-quality non-slip solutions, has introduced an impressive addition to its product lineup: H4646, the thickest non-slip fabric produced by the company to date. This innovative product stands out for its exceptional thickness and versatility, offering a wide range of applications and benefits.

H4646 is a black, non-slip mesh that is manufactured using a process similar to Heskins®’ other non-slip fabrics. However, what sets H4646 apart is its significantly thicker, aerated, non-slip foam, which is applied to a durable polyester mesh. The result is a non-slip fabric that boasts an impressive thickness of 3.7mm, making it substantially thicker than other fabrics in the Heskins® lineup.

The exceptional thickness of H4646 makes it an ideal choice for various applications where cushioning and comfort are paramount. In settings where individuals may spend extended periods of time on their feet, such as in workspaces or areas with prolonged standing, H4646 provides valuable support and relief by offering enhanced cushioning. Its thick and resilient nature helps reduce fatigue and discomfort, making it a valuable addition to environments where ergonomic considerations are essential.

Furthermore, H4646’s robust thickness makes it well-suited for packaging heavier items. When placed between objects during packaging, H4646 maintains its volume and resilience, effectively protecting the items from damage during transportation or storage. This feature is particularly valuable for industries that deal with fragile or delicate items, as it ensures that products reach their destinations in pristine condition.

Heskins® offers H4646 non-slip fabric in full-length rolls, with standard 1.45-meter logs available. However, the company can also produce rolls starting from 15mm, providing flexibility to meet specific application requirements. While H4646 is currently available in black, Heskins® is open to offering it in other colours based on customer demand. The company has a history of introducing new colours as demand grows, demonstrating its commitment to meeting customer needs and preferences. Additionally, Heskins®’ expertise in die-cutting allows for the creation of custom shapes and sizes, ensuring that the non-slip fabric can be tailored to specific project requirements.

To learn more about Heskins® non-slip fabric, request samples, or place an order, customers can reach out to the dedicated sales team. Whether through phone or live chat, Heskins® provides real-time support and assistance to address inquiries and facilitate orders. Alternatively, individuals can complete the contact us form on the website, ensuring that a representative will respond promptly to any requests.

In conclusion, Heskins® has expanded its non-slip product range with the introduction of H4646, an exceptionally thick non-slip fabric designed to cater to various applications. With its 3.7mm thickness, H4646 offers enhanced cushioning and comfort, making it an excellent choice for environments where individuals spend extended periods on their feet. Additionally, its resilience and protective qualities make it an invaluable asset for packaging heavier items, ensuring their safe transit and storage.

Heskins®’ commitment to customisation and customer satisfaction is evident, as they offer a range of sizes, the possibility of new colours, and the capability to create custom shapes. H4646 exemplifies Heskins® dedication to providing innovative and adaptable non-slip solutions for a diverse range of industries and applications.



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