H6652 Reflective Anti Slip Tape Available Now

H6652-reflective-non-abrasive-non-slip-tapeH6652 reflective anti slip tape is a combination of two Heskins products, H6602 yellow DOT tape and H3415 clear coarse resilient. Since it’s creation as a custom safety tape, as described here the requests for the product have become so frequent to the point where Heskins have begun mass production and can now offer H6652 for immediate dispatch.

H6652 reflective anti-slip tapes popularity has derived from its unique feature-set combination. A reflective tape that is also a non-abrasive slip preven­tative. As well as providing the benefits of anti-slip and reflective surfaces, the clear coarse resilient laminate also protects the DOT tapes reflective surface, increasing its durability.

These features make H6652 suitable for use on steps, walkways and ladders, but not just for foot traffic. As clear, coarse resilient is a non-abrasive it is kind to bare skin, which makes it suitable for slip prevention or additional grip on ladders and handrails also.

H6652 is available for immediate dispatch in roll widths of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. However, roll widths ranging from 15mm to 1244mm are possible.

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