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Heskins Accurate Safety Tape Die-Cutting Service


To show off the capabilities of our staff and machinery, we die-cut a small piece of tough material. Our accurate die-cutting services for safety tape are proven.

At Heskins, we pride ourselves in showcasing the exceptional abilities of our team and machinery. Recently, we undertook a challenge to die-cut a small piece of robust material, highlighting the precision of our accurate die-cutting services for safety tape. The results were nothing short of spectacular, demonstrating our commitment to produce high-quality, durable safety tapes, all made possible by the extraordinary combination of our skilled workforce and top-notch machinery.

Cutting or shaping durable safety tapes is no easy feat. These products are made to last, often rendering them difficult to handle. But here at Heskins, we rise to the occasion. The floor of our production facility is a buzzing hub of experienced personnel, many of whom have been a part of the Heskins family for decades. Their knowledge and expertise, coupled with some of the best machinery globally, allow us to successfully handle the most challenging tasks.

To better illustrate our capabilities, we recently worked with an extremely thick and tough plastic material impregnated with minerals. This material is challenging to work with, prone to easy damage and fragmentation if not handled with the utmost care and precision. It was an ideal test case for demonstrating our prowess.

Our staff and machines did not merely cut through this obstinate material without causing any damage but did so with pinpoint accuracy. It’s this level of service that sets Heskins apart, a testament to our unique capabilities that many others can’t match.

The latest addition to our die-cutting machinery fleet is the remarkable Zund machine. A marvel of Swiss engineering, this expensive production machine is used for tool-less cutting processes. While the Zund can only work with non-abrasive materials and requires high levels of competency for operational use and design processing, it brings some distinct advantages to the table.

We have heavily modified our Zund machine, equipping it with almost all additional features, including magic eyes and different blades. Its operation is driven by CAD designs, eliminating the need for cutting tools and reducing upfront investment costs.

What about waste? With the Zund, we can nest shapes together to significantly minimise wastage. It’s a machine that combines speed with precision, delivering an output that is hard to match.

A highlight of our Zund machine is its ability to ‘cut to register’, thanks to our magic eye modification. Notably, we can also cut to register on abrasive safety-grip materials. If you’re interested in this capability, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Finally, the Zund machine allows us to perform ‘kiss-cutting’, a technique that involves cutting through the top layer of a material without cutting through its backing. This can also be applied to abrasive safety-grip materials, albeit with a different set of machinery.

You may wonder, “What does this all mean for me as a customer?” Simply put, Heskins’ advanced machinery and proficient staff translate into high-quality safety tapes, precise die-cutting services, and flexible production techniques to meet your specific needs. Our investment in technology like the Zund machine reflects our commitment to offering the very best to our clients. So, whether you’re in need of bespoke safety tape designs or are seeking a provider who can handle tough materials with finesse, we’re here to help.

At Heskins, we’re not just meeting your expectations – we’re exceeding them. Quality, precision, and customer satisfaction are at the core of what we do. Would you like to learn more about our services or have a specific query in mind? Get in touch today, and let’s take your safety tape needs to the next level.

Heskins Zund Tool-less Die Cutting Machine

For tool-less cutting processes, we use a Zund; the Zund is an expensive Swiss manufactured production machine.  Although these machines can only be used with non-abrasive materials and require high levels of internal competency for both operational use and design processing, they have some fantastic advantages;


We have highly modified the Zund to have almost all extras, including magic eyes, different blades etc.

No tooling

The Zund is driven by CAD designs, which means that no investment in cutting tools is required.


We can nest shapes together to minimise wastage greatly.


The Zund is extremely fast and works at a level that is difficult to match.

Cut to register

Due to our magic eye modification, we can cut to register. We can also cut to register on abrasive safety-grip materials. Please enquire for either.


We can actually control the Zund to kiss-cut.  We can kiss-cut on abrasive safety-grip materials, but this requires different machinery.

Should you wish to take advantage of our accurate die-cutting service for safety tape, please speak to us by phone or live chat right now. Alternatively, complete the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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