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Heskins Accurate Safety Tape Die-Cutting Service


To show off the capabilities of our staff and machinery, we die-cut a small piece of tough material. Our accurate die-cutting services for safety tape are proven.

We produce high quality, durable safety tapes. Their durability can often make them very difficult to cut or shape. Our production floor is a combination of a highly skilled group of people, many of which have worked at Heskins for decades, using some of the best machinery in the world for this purpose. Many of our machines are unique to us or heavily modified to suit our requirements.

To prove the capabilities of our staff and machinery, we recently die-cut small pieces of a product that is very difficult to work with. The material is an extremely thick, touch plastic that is impregnated with minerals. The product is easily damaged and fragment if not cut correctly, so extreme care and precision is required to cut through it.

From the photo, you can see that not only did our machines and staff cut through the material without damaging it, but with great accuracy also. This is a capability we possess and a service we can offer at Heskins that many cannot.

Our latest addition to our die-cutting fleet of machines is the Zund.

Heskins Zund Tool-less Die Cutting Machine

For tool-less cutting processes, we use a Zund; the Zund is an expensive Swiss manufactured production machine.  Although these machines can only be used with non-abrasive materials and require high levels of internal competency for both operational use and design processing, they have some fantastic advantages;


We have highly modified the Zund to have almost all extras, including magic eyes, different blades etc.

No tooling

The Zund is driven by CAD designs, which means that no investment in cutting tools is required.


We can nest shapes together to minimise wastage greatly.


The Zund is extremely fast and works at a level that is difficult to match.

Cut to register

Due to our magic eye modification, we can cut to register. We can also cut to register on abrasive safety-grip materials. Please enquire for either.


We can actually control the Zund to kiss-cut.  We can kiss-cut on abrasive safety-grip materials, but this requires different machinery.

Should you wish to take advantage of our accurate die-cutting service for safety tape, please speak to us by phone or live chat right now. Alternatively, complete the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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