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Heskins Anti Slip Tape Used at the London 2012 Olympics!


We teamed up with another Company after we had been commissioned some work for the London 2012 Olympics. Read how we got on below…

As the Olympic Games returned, this time to the lively city of London, we were excited to embark on another collaboration with a prestigious company. Following our successful commission for the previous Olympics, we were once again contacted to provide our reliable anti-slip tape, this time for the BMX start ramp. In this blog post, we will recount our experience and highlight our pride in being part of such a renowned event.

Supplying Anti-Slip Tape for the BMX Start Ramp:

With four years gone by since the last Olympic Games, the anticipation for the London 2012 Olympics was at its peak. As preparations for the BMX event were underway, we were approached to supply our anti-slip tape for the start ramp. Our team worked diligently to fulfill the requirement, providing a 10-metre square area of our black standard anti-slip tape. To ensure ease of transport, the tape was printed on and separated into convenient 1-metre x 10-metre lengths, ready to be assembled on-site.

Proud Contributors to a Prestigious Event:

The London 2012 Olympics held special significance for us as we were privileged to contribute to the success of such a prominent sporting event. Being entrusted with providing our anti-slip material for the BMX start ramp was a testament to the quality and reliability of our products. It filled us with immense pride to know that our anti-slip tape would play a role in enhancing the safety and performance of the athletes, and potentially contribute to the success of Team GB.

Anxiously Awaiting the Events:

As the preparations were completed and the BMX event approached, our anticipation grew. We eagerly looked forward to watching the competitions unfold on television, excited to witness the skill, determination, and triumphs of the athletes. With hopes of another gold medal for Team GB, we felt a strong sense of connection and pride in being part of this remarkable event.

Discover the Clever Use of Anti-Slip Tape:

If you’re interested in learning more about the innovative application of anti-slip tape on the BMX start ramp and other similar projects, we invite you to visit the dedicated product page on our website. There, you’ll find detailed information and insights into the clever utilization of our anti-slip tape in creating safer environments for athletes.

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Our partnership with a reputable company for the London 2012 Olympics allowed us to once again supply our trusted anti-slip tape, this time for the BMX start ramp. As we eagerly awaited the events and cheered for Team GB, we took immense pride in our contribution to the safety and success of the athletes. We remain committed to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service, ensuring that we continue to play a part in prestigious events while providing innovative solutions to our customers’ needs. Stay connected with us through our blog and newsletters, and feel free to reach out to our sales team for any inquiries.



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