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Heskins Easter Closing Times….


Come on in and read about our closing times over the Easter weekend.

Easter is upon us already! For a lot of you, you will be fully aware of that fact as the kids run riot in the house! Or maybe some of you are off to another, more tranquil part of the country, or a different country altogether! For many of us, however, a glorious 4 day weekend is upon us, but of course, with business in mind, we feel obliged to keep you ‘in the loop’. All of us here at Heskins will be closing the factory at the end of today ( Thursday ) and not returning until next Tuesday ( the 7th ) when normal service will resume. This mainly means that contact by phone or Live Chat on Friday and Monday will not be possible, however, you will still be able to email or send an enquiry via the contact form. Our sales agents will still be active from time to time through the Easter weekend, but please do not expect an immediate response during this time. From all of us at Heskins, we wish you a happy Easter and leave you with this question….. How are your eggs?

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