Heskins is Now GOST Registered

Heskins is now officially registered with the Russian GOST standard. 

GOST is a set of standards that are set by the Russian standards agency, known as Rosstandart.

Having GOST approval provides an officially approved product for use within the Russian Federation, the product can now be supplied to official Russian bodies, government agencies etc and is centrally registered for verifi­cation.

To obtain a copy of our certi­fica­tion, please contact the Heskins sales team. If you are a Heskins reseller, we can sign you up to our download suite to download Heskins GOST certi­fica­tion along with other datasheets and hi-res images.

Contact the Heskins sales team via phone, live chat or alter­natively complete the contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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