Heskins Non Slip Fabric Manufacturing Process; Amongst Other Things......

As can be seen I posted a blog yesterday which made me think; the last one I posted was January!  I have a reason.  At Heskins we have gone through a major restruc­turing, our developments have been;
  1. Our new, custom designed CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) & ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) system has been installed.  Although we did not want to worry customers our old ERP was failing due to data overload, in early 2011 we made the decision to commission a new, bespoke system purely for our needs.  Only installed this month we are already seeing benefits and only at phase 1.  We can now accept orders by EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange ) allowing automatic input, our ERP tracks all orders in our production system allowing real-time status updates and has many amazing features that will ease admi­nis­tra­tion and resource planning.  The new ERP was installed at the same time as a change in our production and dispatch procedures to allow higher capacity.
  2. Tenura has taken off very well, in fact, too well.  Demand has far outstripped our production capacity; we have now employed resources to meet requirements from customers.  Customers love the new approach we have taken to old anti slip problems encountered by the elderly and disabled, all using a green material that is free from phthalates and heavy metals, totally unique!

As can be seen I have been busy so please excuse my tardiness, but, I have wanted to talk about our non slip fabric range, and I thought this was a perfect time.

Non slip fabrics are an important part of the Heskins (and Tenura) range.  The products are so versatile; their uses span many applications and possess unique solutions.  The anti slip capabilities are provided by the soft covering, unlike our safety-grip range they rely on pressure to provide grip, pressure compresses the soft fabric which then acts like a cup encompassing the object.  The non slip fabrics are produced by coating a glass fibre mesh (the mesh pattern then provides the pattern for the non slip fabric), the mesh is then passed through a foamed plastic bath, and the liquid plastic encapsulates the mesh and sets, creating the product.  As standard, off the shelf we offer a range of different mesh patterns and thicknesses, dependent on quantity we can create your own design.  At present we offer;



H4610 Non Slip Fabric

A close mesh pattern product, offered in beige.


H4643 Non Slip fabric

A close mesh pattern in white or black.


H4644 Non Slip Fabric

A self adhesive variant of H4643.

Tenura Non Slip Fabric

Tenura Non Slip fabric

A more open, thicker non slip fabric.

For more information, please contact us by email, or call the sales team on +44 (0)1254 832266