Heskins Non Slip Fabric Used in Clothing!

We where contacted recently by a lady named Desiree Cryle, who was interested in incor­porating our H4610 non slip fabric into a clothing idea she wanted to bring to fruition. We supplied Desiree with a bespoke sized order, and a few days ago, Desiree contacted us to show us the results, and what a result it is, we are very impressed at how she has incorporated our product into her wonderful design. Desirees custom booties Her idea was to incorporate our non slip fabric into a pair of booties for children as the non slip sole. Desiree has first created a pair for herself to test around the house, and first impressions are looking good she has informed us. Being a dab hand at patchwork, Desiree purchased the paper pattern for the fabric upper, coin­ci­den­tally named 'the boot slippers', from Susan at www.­sewin­ggarden.­com and went to work. Heskins non slip fabric used as soles for booties The material used in this particular photos is our H4610 non slip fabric, we offer a wide range of non slip fabrics, available in various thicknesses, varied colours and the option of adhesive or non-adhesive. We are always happy to send samples of our non-slip fabrics for your inspection, for more information please contact our sales office by calling 01254 832266, or use the contact form on this site. Many thanks to Desiree for her excellent contribution to our blog.

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