Heskins Instruc­tional Videos

Heskins has prepared the videos to inform and advise of best practice when installing our safety products, we strongly believe that seeing and hearing the methods is a certain way to ensuring the installer achieves an effective application.


Internal and non-porous applications

The video is suitable for applications that are either internal non-porous applications (conven­tional internal staircases) or external applications that do not need priming (flat metal, pre-sealed wood).

If you have any doubts about the suitability of the surface or if porous we strongly recommend sealing with H3506 surface primer prior to application, for instructions concerning this please see the relevant video.

Porous surfaces

All porous surfaces (wood, concrete or stone etc) need priming prior to application, this can be effectively done with our H3506 Primer.

Watch the video for advice on the best method to seal a porous surface.

Chequer plate, five bar tread, durbar plate, diamond tread etc.

For adhering conformable anti slip tape onto irregular surfaces such as chequer plate. Conformable is specially made for this application, as the aluminium backing carries no memory, allowing to adhere to the patterned surface effectively.

Our video guides you through the correct application procedure. Heskins can even supply the necessary soft rubber mallets at a low cost.

Skateboard Grip Tape Application

This video assists you in applying skateboard grip tape to a skateboard deck.

Applying grip tape does take practice, so don't expect perfection first time, but following this guide, and with practice, you will be making quick, neat applications onto your skateboard deck in no time.

Photolu­min­escent Tape

Our photolu­min­escent glow in the dark marking tape is very simple to apply, great for indicating walkways and exits in power outs, this video shows you the application steps.

You can use the same method to apply our high-quality glow in the egress tape also.

Application of Large Sheets of Anti Slip Flooring

Our large sheets of anti slip flooring can be easily applied with the right tools and an extra pair of hands.

This video provides some handy tips for applying large sheets of anti slip flooring.

Anti Slip Fire Exit Marker Application

Our anti slip fire markers can be invaluable in times of emergency for making important fire exits to be found and to ensure they aren't blocked off. Installation is easy and requires a few extra tools to get the job done efficiently.

L-Shape Bolt Down Anti-Slip Plate Application

A video showing the installation of Heskins L-shape bolt down anti slip plates on to exterior wooden steps. During the autumn and winter months, or during rain, these can become extremely hazardous. ​

This video will give you the correct advice on applying anti slip plates to wooden steps.

Ancillaries - Increase the Durability of Your Heskins Application

Heskins anti slip tape ancillaries increase the durability of your application. They provide various assistance, from cleaning to sealing.

This focus explains the function of each ancillary we supply.

Applying Heskins Safety Grip™ Anti Slip Tape to Ribbed Decking

Wooden decking, and in particular, ribbed wooden decking is a difficult surface to apply anti slip tape to.

In this video, we provide a couple of suggestions that can help to improve the slip resistance and make wooden decking safe all year round.

How to Apply Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

Ribbed anti slip tape is a unique product, suitable for a range of different appli­cations.

Watch our video on the application, which can be applied to virtually appli­cations.

How to Use Corrosion Protection Tape

Corrosion protection tape is a cost effective method of preventing galvanic corrosion.

This video explains the general application and reason for usage.

How to Apply Reflective Tape

Reflective tape provides a simple, self adhesive, reflective surface that is highly visible, making it the perfect marking material.

This video shows application on to a stair rail to aid visibility.

How to Apply UHB Bonding Tape

UHB bonding tape is a strong bonding solution, which is even suitable in some cases to replace rivets.

This video shows how to apply bonding tape.

How to Apply Floor Safety Signs

Heskins Floor safety signs create an effective marking system in a warehouse or factory to help inform those around of any dangers or movement from machinery like forklifts.

This video shows you how to correctly apply them.

How to Apply ColorCovers

This video shows you how easy it is to apply our ColorCover, self-adhesive custom signs.

Take advantage of the use of our ancillaries, as seen in the video, for an even more efficient application.

How to Apply Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Die Cut Tiles

This video shows you how to apply Heskins coarse resilient anti slip tape as die cut tiles.

This creates an efficient, non abrasive surface. Using Heskins ancillaries improves the durability of the application further.

We are pro-active in our creation of instruc­tional videos, however, if there is a video you would like us to create, please contact us to enquire. If we haven't planned to make it already, then we will definitely consider it.