iGrips - H3474 & H3473

  • PT32
  • H3474-iGrips-Clear-50mm-360
  • H3474 iGrips Clear 50mm web
Product code H3474
• Comfortable grip surface
• Self-adhesive & non-adhesive variants
• Phthalate plasticiser free

Our latest addition to the non-abrasive range, iGrips is a rubber-like material that is soft to the touch. Suitable for applying to electronics as a means of enhancing grip to prevent damage from drops or to allow greater dexterity and control during use. The ‘bobbly’ surface is comfortable to the touch while offering excep­ti­onally high levels of grip.

Our additional aim for this material was to be free from plasti­cisers, chemicals which change plastics properties, making it more malleable. Benefits of this allows for cheaper construc­tion, but at a potential risk to people’s health, as plasticisers can be absorbed by the body. As plasticisers are banned in the USA and parts of Europe, we wanted to give people a high-quality product that is non-toxic and can be safely used on children’s toys and medical equipment.

The iGrips material is a highly treated siliconized film with extremely low shore hardness properties combined with a hexagonal grouped bobble emboss pattern to provide industry leading levels of grip.  The adhesive is a permanent non-aqueous pressure sensitive coating to provide long term bond.

iGrips is available self-adhesive (H3474) and non-adhesive (H3473) versions in rolls up to 400mm in width and any width roll from 19mm up to 400mm is possible. Die-cuts are available in many shapes and sizes. Custom options are possible dependent on MOQ’s.

For more information on Heskins new iGrips material, to request samples or place an order, you can do so by speaking to our sales team via phone or live chat. Alter­natively, if you fill out the contact us form, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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