Incorrect Anti Slip Regulations & Standards: Clearing Up Some Mistakes

ISO regulations logoThere is some confusion related to the standard EN13552 covering anti slip regulations and anti slip tape.

From time-to-time, we have received inquiries from customers asking whether our anti slip materials achieve EN 13552 certi­fica­tion. I want to catego­ric­ally state that EN13552 does not and has never ever related to anti slip. Some companies in the past have made an error and it has continued on for too long. Companies are often quoting that they have an anti-slip tape approved to EN13552, if there was a slip injuries claim that needed legal protection, they would not be covered.

What is EN 13522?

EN 13552 is an old and obscure standard that relates to the process of connecting two master rolls of fabric together, nowhere in that standard is anti slip even mentioned. EN 13522 solely relates to fabric joins, nothing else, nothing to do with safety, flooring or with slips.

The quote with the document states "Textile machinery and accessories. Cloth rollers. Specifi­cation for connections for automation of roller changing"

If you do mention in your website or literature that you have approval to EN 13552 I strongly recommend removing it, you do not and could not back it up in court.

For clarifi­cation please look at the actual EN13552 standard by visiting here.

Heskins will this year will be working on providing more information on the website regarding the anti slip regulations and standards that our products meet to help serve you better. However, our data sheets for our products all feature this information, and you can obtain these by getting in touch with us.

You can contact Heskins via phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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