Microprismatic Tape H6612

microprismatic tape blueAs a reflective tape with extremely high and focused retroreflective values, microprismatic tape is an exceptional choice for application to objects, static or moving that require high visibility at all times.

Microprismatics high performance levels can be attributed to the micro-engineered 3 point prisms that covers the entirety of its surface. These prisms reflect the light in a way that returns 80% of the light back at the source. Due to the cone of light being more concentrated, it is a much more effective reflective tape that increases safety and ensures visibility of whatever it is applied to.

It is commonly referred to as EGP reflective tape, meaning engineering grade prismatic. This helps to define micro prismatic from standard reflective tape, as it performs for much longer with a retroreflective performance of 5 years.

Application is possible on any smooth, clean, dry flat surface. Perfect for marking static objects such as posts, barricades, poles, machinery, floors, clothing and moving objects such as buses, trucks, motorcycles, boats and more.

H6612 Microprismatic tape is available in the following colours:

microprismatic tape blue


microprismatic tape green


microprismatic tape orange


microprismatic tape red


microprismatic tape white


microprismatic tape yellow


Heskins can produce microprismatic tape in widths from 19mm to 1210mm and lengths up to 45 metres.

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