New Anti Slip Tape Slitting Machine Arrives!

Our new machine arriving at the warehouse. Our new machine arriving at our factory.
It takes a lot to get me excited about anti slip tape machines, our factory is full of them, however the new arrival (I have previously posted about its impending descent here) is different. We commissioned a specific design of machine, it incorporates tens of thousands of hours of using machines on our product, our design remit was; 1). High quality product finish - new machine slits on a far lower air pressure yet produces cleaner edges. 2). Ease of use - minimising manual handling. 3). Lower labour time - ergonomics are utilised to ensure all required controls and accessories are within reach allowing faster output. 4). Cassette loading system - enables master length material to be loaded straight from production. 5). Internal knife measurement - faster throughput.
High precision slitting blades High precision slitting blades
This is the first time we have put such effort into a new machine, it has been designed and built from scratch purely to slit our anti slip tape. Once we have worked with the machine for a period of a few months and can gauge any possible modifi­cations required we will be ordering more of them!
The new machine installed and ready to go to work! The new machine installed and ready to go to work!

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