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New Anti-Slip Tape Slitting Machine Arrives!


Our factory is full of machines for post-producing our anti-slip tape, however, that never stops us getting excited when a new one arrives…..

The world of manufacturing is a fascinating one, where innovation never stops, and improvements are constantly sought after. At Heskins, our factory is no exception to this rule. Our production facility is equipped with a multitude of machines that play a crucial role in post-producing our anti-slip tape. However, even with a factory full of machinery, there are moments that still manage to excite us. One such moment recently occurred with the arrival of a new machine.

Now, it might be hard to imagine getting excited about an anti-slip tape machine, especially when you’re surrounded by them day in and day out. However, this new addition to our machinery lineup is different. We approached its design and construction with meticulous detail, aiming to create a machine that would not only meet our high standards but also bring some notable improvements to our production process.

Our design remit for this new machine was clear and concise, driven by our commitment to delivering premium quality products to our customers:

  1. High-Quality Product Finish: The new machine had to be capable of producing a superior product finish. It achieves this by slitting the tape at significantly lower air pressure while still delivering cleaner edges. This ensures that the anti-slip tape maintains its quality and appearance.
  2. Ease of Use: We focused on minimising manual handling, making the machine user-friendly. This design consideration enhances efficiency while reducing the physical strain on our operators.
  3. Lower Labor Time: Ergonomics played a significant role in the machine’s design. We made sure that all necessary controls and accessories are within easy reach, enabling faster output and reducing the time required for production.
  4. Cassette Loading System: We incorporated a cassette loading system into the design, allowing master length material to be loaded directly from the production line. This feature streamlines the process and contributes to efficiency.
  5. Internal Knife Measurement: To further enhance throughput, we integrated an internal knife measurement system. This feature ensures faster and more precise cutting, ultimately increasing productivity.

What sets this new machine apart is that it’s the first time we’ve invested substantial effort into designing a machine from scratch, specifically tailored to slit our anti-slip tape. The level of customisation and attention to detail put into its creation is a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency.

As with any new addition, there will be a period of adjustment and fine-tuning. We will work closely with the machine over the coming months to gauge its performance and identify any potential modifications required. This process ensures that we continue to deliver the highest quality anti-slip tape products to our customers efficiently and reliably.

In the world of manufacturing, every small improvement can have a significant impact on the end product and the overall efficiency of the operation. Our new anti-slip tape machine represents our dedication to excellence and our ongoing efforts to innovate and enhance our manufacturing processes.

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