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New High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape

Printed Anti Slip Tape

Our glow in the dark range is now more extensive. With our new high-quality glow in the dark anti-slip tape, we now offer more variations for customers.

Our range of glow in the dark products is surprisingly extensive. From our egress tape to our glow in the dark Safety Grip, we have a high-visibility product for most appli­cations.

I say most, as there is usually an area that would benefit from different features in a non-slip solution.

One of these is marine appli­cations, most notably internal marine appli­cations. While our Safety Grip is a great anti-slip tape, as an abrasive it is not kind to skin or clothing.

Recently, our production and introduction of our high-quality egress tape allowed us to venture further with our anti slip tapes, and finally create an anti slip solution that is glow in the dark, and non abrasive.

Heskins new high-quality egress tape means that the luminance of the material lasts a lot longer, and initially glows a lot brighter. And as with our new egress tape, our non-abrasive glow in the dark tape has two variations to allow the customer to receive the perfect glow in the dark, anti-slip solution for their premises, without overspending due to the difference in cost between them.

As detailed in the differences between our high-quality egress marking tape, H3452 high-quality glow in the dark antislip tape employs the use of the photolu­min­escent properties of Heskins premium H8152, whereas H3454 uses Heskins super H8154. Premium H3452 meets class C classi­fica­tion in DIN 67510 standards, which can glow for up to 1800 minutes, and H3454 meets class A classi­fica­tion, glowing for up to appro­ximately 450 minutes. Heskins charge a price difference depending on your choice.

The regulations high-quality glow in the dark antislip tape meets means it is approved for application in areas such as storerooms, warehouses, high rise apartment blocks for fire escape steps and walkways.
Heskins high-quality glow in the dark antislip tape is particularly suitable for application in the marine industry. One of the main conventions involved with marine safety, specifically with merchant ships, is SOLAS, who specifies minimum standards of safety for construction equipment and operation of ships. Many areas of these vessels are subjected to low light, with many metal steps and walkways.

Applying Heskins high-quality glow in the dark non-abrasive anti-slip tape to stairways and walkways will help guide ship staff safely while preventing potential slip hazards that will also reduce the acceleration of wear and tear on footwear and clothing.

New high-quality glow in the dark non-abrasive anti-slip tape is one of a new line of unique innovations from Heskins Ltd, increasing the scope of targeted application for Heskins products.

For more information, you can contact Heskins via phone, email or by using the contact us form on the website.

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