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New Video – The Three Grades Of Heskins Safety-Grip Tape

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At Heskins, we supply three grades of our Safety-Grip anti-slip tape, these being H3401 Standard Safety-Grip, H3402 Coarse Safety-Grip and H3402_UC Extra Coarse Safety-Grip. These three grades all provide different value to the user. Fortunately, they all follow the same application steps.

Equipment You Will Need:

  • Safety-Grip Anti-Slip Tape (H3401, H3402 or H3402_UC)
  • IPA Surface Cleaner
  • Cloth
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors/Utility Knife
  • Gloves

Make sure you have all equipment to hand before we begin, as time away from specific steps could affect the success of the end result.

Clean the Surface Using Heskins H3508 IPA Surface Cleaner

Step 1 – Clean the Application Area with IPA Surface Cleaner

The first step would be to put your gloves on as some chemicals could be harmful, and the tapes are abrasive, which could cause damage to bare skin.

Then, apply H3508 IPA surface cleaner to the application surface using a clean, dry cloth. IPA Cleaner removes all the potential contaminants on the surface, lengthening the life of Safety-Grip.

Measuring the Application Surface Where the Anti Slip Tape Will Be Applied

Step 2 – Measure the Required Length of Tape

Grab your tape measure and measure the surface to give you the exact length of non-slip tape you need before applying. Try to stay precise as you don’t want any waste.

Cutting Safety-Grip Anti Slip Tape to the Correct Length with Scissors

Step 3 – Cut the Anti-Slip Tape to Length

Grab your measurement from your tape measure, line it up accurately to the Safety-Grip tape, and get your scissors to cut a clean line across. Once again, trying not to waste any material.

Peeling off the Backing Liner of the Anti Slip Tape Ready for Application

Step 4 – Remove the Anti-Slip Tape’s Backing Liner

Peel off the backing liner from the tape as the surface is ready for application. For larger sheets of tape, peel the backing liner away in sections as you apply each segment, exposing another area of the adhesive. Reveal one corner of the Safety-Grip, place it down, and slowly peel away the backing liner while applying pressure.

Applying Safety-Grip Tape to The Application Surface

Step 5 – Apply Heskins Safety-Grip to The Application Surface

Align the non-slip tape in the correct position, then use firm, even pressure to ensure no air bubbles and straight tape alignment. This step provides a good bond fully between the Safety-Grip and the surface.

Step 6 – Add Edge Fix to Prevent Edge Lift

Adding a thin bead of edge fix down the sides of the applied tape is good practice to improve durability and prevent edge lift in high-traffic areas.

What Are Heskins Three Grades?

Standard H3401 Safety-Grip is used for general applications. It’s perfect for domestic or working environments and is more commonly used on steps and stairways to provide non-slip protection.

Heskins H3402 Coarse Safety-Grip has larger grit granules on the anti-slip surface, which prevents the tape from clogging up with dirt and provides excellent durability.

The final grade is H3402_UC Extra Coarse Safety-Grip is designed for heavy-duty use. The deep grit allows the anti-slip tape to withstand harsh working conditions, allowing water to flow away. This grit is heavy, requiring a unique film.

View the Three Grades of Anti-Slip Tape Video

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H3402 Coarse Safety-Grip:

H3402_UC Extra Coarse Safety-Grip:

H3508 IPA Surface Cleaner:

H3502 Edge Sealant:

Seam Roller:

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