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Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape for Surf Boards

Retail and Distributor Products

We have been in discussions with a company in the surfing industry regarding our non-abrasive anti-slip tapes. Read inside about our discussions.

Heskins have been contacted by a company who supply surf products, and in this particular case, surfboards. Surfboards need to be treated with anti-slip products, as the finish on a surfboard when purchased is completely smooth, which is required to allow it to glide through the water. Unfor­tunately for surfers, as soon as the top surface becomes wet, it is very slippery and makes a surfboard impossible to navigate through the water. Surfboards these days have a few options when it comes to slip prevention, or grip enhancement, whichever way you want to look at it.


Wax is a popular choice for most surfers, professional and amateur, the latter using it more initially due to the use by the former, and no doubt movies and tv shows. Wax has become the established choice for surfboards as it has very good performance levels, and has a wide price range dependent on your budget. The downside to wax is the amount of time and dedication required to ensure it is applied correctly, and the disco­lora­tion it suffers from overtime, as it attracts grit, most notably sand.

Surfboard Traction Pads

Surfboard traction pads are another option. Not as established as wax, but they are popular in smaller circles, as they are very easy to apply, and add foothold to the back of the board, where it is most needed. The issue with surfboard traction pads is that they are expensive, sometimes around 10 times more expensive than wax at lower levels.

A new option?

We discussed our range of non-abrasive anti-slip tapes, which now consists of a range of variants. While our non-abrasives feature different textures on the surface, they are all manufactured from the same plastic film, to create a non-slip surface that has a rubber-like finish which is consistent throughout. Non-abrasive anti-slip tapes all carry the same benefits of being kind to bare skin and clothing, contact with them will not have a detrimental impact on either, so are all suitable for use in the appropriate appli­cations. One of our non-abrasives that carried particular interest was our aqua safe range, which has an emboss that performs excep­ti­onally well in wet envi­ron­ments. With aqua safe antislip tape, we are in discussion to create a range of pre-cut shapes to apply to your surfboard, meaning that you can receive the best features that wax and surfboard traction pads provide, easy application, and a long service life, at a low cost!
Like traction pads, aqua safe antislip tape can be made into pre-cut kits, allowing you to easily apply them, but will be available at a fraction of the cost. Many surfboards also have wonderful, eye-catching designs on them, and with aqua safe being available in transparent, it can be applied to the surface and not cover the design. No disco­lora­tion will occur either, as the adhesive applied to aqua safe is UV stable, meaning it will not yellow under constant exposure to saltwater and sunlight. Aqua Safe anti slip tape is available in black, white, transparent, grey and beige. For more information, please feel free to contact us, or visit the website. You can contact us by phone, email or live chat, Alternatively you can fill out the contact us form.

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