PermaStripe Line Marking Applicator the Durable Aisle Marking Tape

In any of the previous blog posts I have never mentioned one of our best products; PermaStripe aisle marking tape, this is very remiss of me, I will now make amends and it allows me to introduce our new line marking applicator! Since our inception in 1997 many of our customers have been using our safety-grip to create durable warehouse lines, conventional floor marking tape is simply too thin and not up to the task required. A conventional aisle marking tape might have a thickness of around 50mu (0.05mm); its lifetime can be measured in weeks. The use of our safety-grip for creating lines was rational; our material is tough, is far thicker and has an exceptionally strong adhesive, for companies that are serious about creating efficient manufacturing or warehousing facilities we offered the solution. Back in 2006 we decided that perhaps a bespoke and creative floor marking tape solution to this requirement was necessary. We started with a blank sheet of paper, we needed to provide an aisle marking solution that was extremely durable, instantly applied, was permanent and yet conversely, could be removed if required (think of large scale manufacturing facilities such as GM, Toyota, tier 1 etc, their internal sections are often rearranged). We wanted colours that harmonised perfectly with 5S systems; we wanted colours that would deteriorate through time or scuffing. We wanted to use a material of unseen thickness yet, did not want to create a trip hazard. After many months of trial and prototypes we developed the perfect solution; PermaStripe. What is PermaStripe floor marking tape? permastripe1wm PermaStripe aisle marking tape is constructed from a solid piece of plastic film, 1mm (1000mu) thick. Due to its extreme thickness each aisle marking tape roll is individually extruded complete with a chamfered edge to prevent trips, the top surface is mildly embossed to help prevent slips. The colour is not a print but is intrinsically part of the coloured plastic film, scratch the surface and underneath is exactly the same colour, no deterioration of colour throughout the lifetime of the material. As each floor marking tape roll is extruded individually this means adhesive coating is a challenge, we normally coat wide width (over 1m). We manufactured to coat completely edge-to-edge, this is a unique advantage, if an adhesive material will fail, then it will fail on its edges. We are so confident with PermaStripe that we offer a guarantee, four years on and tens of thousands of rolls later not one roll has been returned on that guarantee, which says more than any of my words! Unlike paints and resins it can be applied in food or sterile areas whilst the area is being used, it does not emit any fumes. Due to its extremely tough composition it can be removed if required without fragmenting. Our new line marking applicator is fantastic, it is easy to use, easy to assemble and can be sent using a normal box.

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