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Photoluminescent Glow in the Dark Egress Tape from Heskins: Lighting Your Way to Safety


Information was scarcely available online when we initially released our egress tape, but now we have had a chance to provide you with more….

After a frantic start to the new year, we can finally sit down and start looking at getting some more information out there for you! We had quite a lot of interest from our old glow in the dark tape blog post, focusing on our glow in the dark egress tape we had started manufacturing into an independent product at the time. One question we didn’t provide an answer for though, is how long it lasts for. Now, while we would love it to last all night, I’m afraid it doesn’t, and we have never suggested that it has. Heskins egress tape IS suitable for lights out situations, but to be more specific, emergency lights out situations is when it really will provide the most benefit, as while it is ready to use after just a few hours charge from artificial or natural light, it will last for a maximum of 2 hours depending on the strength of the light charging it. If a building has a power cut and you lose all light sources, glow in the dark egress tape will light the way enough for you to make a safe exit and beyond, and is an extremely cost-effective method for this, the egress tape manufacturing process is very cost-efficient!! Our glow in the dark egress tape is available in 10m lengths, with widths from 12mm up to 1170mm. Our glow in the dark egress tape comes with a paper backing liner to preserve the adhesive for as long as possible. The adhesive creates a strong bond between tape and surface, but not one that is so strong it will pull the paint off should you ever need to remove it. We can create bespoke packages dependant on requirements, give us a call and we can illuminate you with all manner of information….. Shall I get my coat?

Visit the glow in the dark product category to see our full range of glow in the dark tapes. If you require a sample or further information, please get in touch via telephone, live chat, or the contact us page.

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