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Heskins Ltd Product Range

Safety Grip anti-skid tape from Heskins Ltd. Our non-skid tape is the cost-effective, convenient and hard-wearing solution to creating your anti-skid surface.

Non-abrasive anti-slip tape is perfect for use as non-slip bathroom flooring & in areas exposed to moisture, bare skin or strict hygiene regulations.

Glow in the dark tape (Photolu­min­escent tape). Glow in the dark tapes help to increase safety in power outages and low light areas.

Mark workplace floors with Heskins marking tape. Heskins range of self-adhesive flooring tape marks objects and areas for greater visibility

Heskins range of reflective hi vis tapes are all suitable for highlighting various areas & objects as potentially hazardous in virtually all lighting conditions

Abrasive die-cut non slip tiles that serve a minimum of 2 purposes for a cost effective safety solution in many work areas. View our range of anti-slip tiles.

Our range of signage helps kit out your workplace to warn guests and employees of potentials hazards or restric­tions. View the Heskins range of signs & markers.

Heskins specialist tapes are not anti slip or marking tapes, but are instead self-adhesive tapes that provide other purposes during manufacture.

Ancillaries increase the efficiency and performance of Heskins anti slip tape and marking material.

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