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Egress Glow in the Dark Marking Tape

Product code: H8101

  • Cost-effective, photoluminescent marking tape
  • Supplied in rolls or die cuts
  • Available in different colours
  • Available in rolls from 5mm to 585mm
  • Overview
  • Video
  • Colours

Egress tape is the term used to describe a smooth photoluminescent (glow in the dark) marking tape. Photoluminescent tape is constructed from a conventional self-adhesive plastic base film impregnated with photoluminescent powder. The material is charged by natural or artificial lights when the lights dim the product instantly displays a bright light.


Egress tape is most prevalent in America. America has the strictest regulations governing use; for tall buildings such as skyscrapers, it is required that photoluminescent tape is applied onto the top of skirting boards (baseboards in America). In case of fire the smoke is hot so rises to the top of the room or corridor this creates significant problems for the unfortunate inhabitants as the smoke prevents any light penetrating thus resulting in the occupiers becoming lost and disorientated in the burning building even if they are familiar with the building layout. A strip of Egress tape on top of skirting boards and around door surrounds people to crawl along walkways and see exits and access routes etc.

H8101 Photoluminescent tape is commonly used as a base in other Heskins manufactured materials including Glow Line Safety-Grip, photoluminescent Safety-Grip and dual-purpose Safety-Grip die cuts.

Additional Colour Options

Egress glow in the dark marking tape is made the world over using a neutral, photoluminescent base, which is a pale green during the day and when the lights go out, the afterglow is emitted as a glowing green.
Due to customer demand, we have produced egress glow in the dark marking tape in 4 new colours. Blue, red, yellow and orange. To produce these, an additional step was added in the manufacturing process to add pigment to the base to create new colours, who’s daytime colour is only bested by the vibrant afterglow they emit. This additional manufacturing step results in a material that has a slightly higher cost but still falls in line with the cost-effective, glow in the dark marking solution that egress tape is.

While Heskins glow in the dark marking tape is supplied in rolls, we can produce any roll width within the tolerances. Die-cut shapes are available in almost any shape.

Glow in the dark photoluminescent egress marking tape is an inexpensive product; it provides an excellent level of reassurance and safety for a low-cost level.

To enquire or place an order, you can contact the Heskins sales team by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form on the website.

Application of Glow in the Dark Photoluminescent Egress Tape


Pantone / RAL
7485 U / 6019
Average LRV



Pantone / RAL

Average LRV



Pantone / RAL

Average LRV



Pantone / RAL

Average LRV



Pantone / RAL

Average LRV


Light Reflectance Values

Product code Colour Av. LRV Range
H8101X Photoluminescent 78.25 3
H8101R Red 94.34 1.96
H8101O Orange 97.48 0.55
H8101Y Yellow 99.97 0.2
H8101B Blue 35.67 2.28

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