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Glow in the Dark Arrows

Product code: H8104

  • Glow in the dark self-adhesive discs
  • Mark direction of walkways/stairs/exits
  • Cost-effective, Hi-Viz floor marking
  • Easy to apply
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Overview
  • Colours
  • Designs

Glow in the dark arrows are 100mm, self-adhesive discs that day or night mark directions of routes in the workplace, whether they be walkways or stairways providing guidance around buildings or towards exits.


During the day, glow in the dark directional markers are green with a white arrow making them clear to see. When the lights go out you will see the glow in the dark pigment discharge the energy it has absorbed and turn the arrow a bright, glowing green ensuring safe guidance in total darkness.

Their construction is a totally cost-effective one. By producing glow in the dark arrows as discs, there is no excess of material which allows us to pass the cost savings on to you. Application is also simple, just peel off the backing and stick them down to a clean, dry surface. As they are discs, this also gives you flexibility in how or where you apply them also. Whether a route is straight or has many corners, the ease of application will not change. Use of our ancillaries on porous surfaces or high traffic areas can prolong their application even further.

H8104 glow in the dark directional markers are available for dispatch right now. Samples are also available. To place an order, request samples or find out more you can contact our sales team by phone or live chat. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Pantone / RAL
356 U / 6024
Average LRV

Green Background


Pantone / RAL
607 U / 6019
Average LRV

Glow in the Dark Arrow
H8104 Glow in the Dark Floor Arrow Graphic

H8104 Glow in the Dark Arrow

100mm ø
Pantone / RAL
Green: 356 U / 6024
GID Arrow: 607 U / 6019
Average LRV
Green: 17.66
GID Arrow: 64.18

Light Reflectance Values

Product code Colour Av. LRV Range
H8104 Green Background 17.66 18.66
H8104 Glow in the Dark Arrow 64.18 13.88

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