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Provide Safety and Brand Messaging Through Custom Printed Signage and Tape


We have a few examples to get your brain thinking about how you can take your brand to the next level. You may want to ensure staff members comply with your unique safety regulations, and a branded sign with graphics and text-based instructions would optimise the efficiency and safety of your warehouse or factory.

Our printer has fantastic capabilities that allow us to match any Pantone or RAL reference as well as print high-resolution images and text onto tape., of which we have a large array, all with different properties to suit your unique environment.

ESB 1: Do Not Lift Lid

H3401 Standard Safety-Grip

150mm x 610mm

Gives clear instructions to staff members, for example, lift the lid, but only once the tanker has been disabled. This sign encompasses a few design variables that really make it stand out; for instance, it uses 5S optimisation techniques to deliver the fact there is a hazard associated with this action (the use of yellow and black chevrons), it uses a straightforward, easy to read bold black text on a yellow background. It’s a simple message not too long that the sign would be ignored.

ESB 2: Your Logo or Text Here

H3401 Standard Safety-Grip

50mm x 18.3m

You can add your branding to our wide range of tapes. This example is printed on Safety-Grip, which is our standard anti-slip tape. This product does both anywhere you want to add a slip-resistant element and branding.

ESB 3A: Customise our Materials with Your Artwork, Wording or Logo A

H3401 Standard Safety-Grip

210mm x 279mm

This sample demonstrates the diverse colour range we can produce with our top-tier printer. The text is crisp, and the colours stand out without bleeding. Even the small contact information is clear to the reader. We can produce your custom-printed anti-slip material in an A4 size like in this picture or any other shape you desire, as we have a CNC cutting machine which will create the precise cuts.

ESB 3B: Customise our Materials with Your Artwork, Wording or Logo B

H3401 Standard Safety-Grip

210mm x 279mm

Whether printing onto white or black, we can produce vibrant colours; our dedicated graphic designers can work with you to create impressive safety signs, complete with your branding and colour palette.


ESB 4: Ultimative Boote Gmbh

H3402 Coarse Safety-Grip

134mm x 260mm

A uniquely shaped design complete with a company logo shows off our capabilities here at Heskins to bring your branding to life no matter where you are placing the signage; we can work with you regarding the graphics and the cutting method to produce quality custom prints consecutively.

ESB 5: TSC9 Staff Only on this Route!

H6903 PermaRoute

120mm x 300mm

Shapes can provide informative visuals; in this example, we have opted for feet to display the dedicated route only for staff personnel. The bright blue colour makes it easy for people to see and notice. The text follows the cut-out feet’ shape, and this design is printed upon H6903 PermaRoute. PermaRoute marking tape offers a low-profile anti-slip solution.

ESB 6: This Surface is Under Printed H3451

H3415 Coarse Resilient

210mm x 279mm

To achieve an under-surface print, we use standard tape underneath, topped with a transparent anti-slip tape encapsulating your design between a protective layer of tape that makes it resistant to scratches and wear. In this example, we opted for H3415 Coarse Resilient Anti Slip Tape, which has no grit to shed. It’s a waterproof tape that’s kind to the skin due to its non-abrasive nature.

ESB 7: Printed on Yellow Safety-Grip and Aerated

H3401 Standard Safety-Grip

153mm x 610mm

We have special tooling that punctures holes into Heskins abrasive anti-slip tapes to make them aerated, allowing you to have a larger choice of anti-slip material and colours with the benefits of aerated material. Aerated anti-slip material allows air bubbles to escape when applying the tape to any surface, which is especially helpful for users with little application experience.


H6907 ColorCover Material


Incorporate branding into every aspect of your business; when showing prospects around, they can be impressed, and workers are reminded of the great company they work for, boosting the company ethos. These logos aren’t just for looks, as they provide a unique message, branding and the all-important slip-resistant material for a safer work environment.

ESB 9: Get Ready to Be Scared


50mm x 370mm

Conformable anti-slip tape is popular with customers wanting to add a slip-resistant property to metal steps and durbar. Here you can see rounded corners.

ESB 10: Emergency Exit Please Follow Signs


86mm x 241mm

ESB10 is an example of our under-surface print service, which has a beneficial protective layer, keeping the print pristine. We can create custom emergency exit signs with unique messaging that will help in the case of an emergency. These can be produced in any colour to ensure staff can see them easily.

ESB 11: Follow the White Rabbit

H6905 PermaLean

210mm x 279mm

You might recognise this text and rabbit from a popular film. We have produced printed tape and die-cut shapes for movie sets, but sadly, we are not at liberty to name-drop. Again, this example shows off our expertise, producing deep blacks yet sharp whites in the form of a little rabbit on our non-slip material. PermaLean, the marking tape this design is printed on, offers non-slip properties whilst also being a lean 570mu thick material.

We hope these designs have given you an insight into our custom printing and CNCing abilities. You can get in contact today to discuss your unique needs via email, phone or live chat.


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