Removable Anti Slip Tape H3427

H3427D Removable Safety Grip Black & Yellow 50mm web
  • H3427D Removable Safety Grip Black & Yellow 50mm web
  • H3427N-Removable-Safety-Grip-Black-50mm-360
  • H3427Y Removable Safety Grip Yellow 50mm web
  • removable-anti-slip-tape
  • H3427N Removable Safety Grip Black 50mm web
Product code H3427
• Semi-permanent adhesive is great for areas that host temporary events
• Easy removal
• Standard Safety Grip surface

H3427 removable anti slip tape is something that has grown in popularity recently, so much so that we've decided to produce it for off the shelf sale, whereas previous to this, we only produced it on request.

Temporary anti slip tape is a suitable product to use for areas that need a temporary anti slip surface, and in places where the aesthetics need to be preserved, hinting at the use of slip prevention that can be removed easily.

Our regular range of non slip tape, carries some of the most powerful adhesive known. We altered this adhesive so when the tape is applied, it holds firm, but it does not cure upon contact, allowing a clean and easy removable of the tape when it's purpose has been served.

Our temporary anti slip tape is finished with our industry-standard aluminium oxide grit, ensuring a hard-wearing surface that will not fail. Our removable anti slip tape is available in black, yellow or black and yellow hazard. We can offer bespoke options dependent on order quantity, matching to any Pantone or Ral reference.

H3427 removable anti slip tape is particularly useful for things such as weddings, promotional events, concerts, markets and other events that use areas temporarily and need slip prevention, without defacing the area.

For more information or to enquire further, please contact the sales team by phone, Live Chat or the contact us form.


Removable Anti Slip Tape is available in the following colours:

black removable safety grip tape

Average LRV

yellow removable safety grip tape

Average LRV

black yellow hazard removable safety grip tape

Danger Black/Yellow
Average LRV (Black)
Average LRV (Yellow)

Light Reflectance Values

Product Code Colour Average LRV Range
H3427N Black 0.25 1
H3427Y Yellow 51.75 4
H3427D Black 0.75 2
H3427D Yellow 81.5 3

Regulations and Certi­fica­tions

Below is a table denoting what regulations removable Safety Grip meets and what certs, if any, are available.

R118 (Burning behaviour of materials used in the construction of commercial vehicles) Download

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