Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape from Heskins, H3435, Now Ready

Due to the success of our H3418 we decided to look at creating another symmetrical anti slip material. Almost all anti slip materials are random, think of the grit on our safety-grip surface, the pattern on our aqua-safes etc. Our H3418 allowed us to try something different, we knew that with effort we could achieve high levels of coefficient of friction, but also, we could invent something aesthe­tic­ally appealing, gone are the random surface textures and instead we can have something unique, nothing else looks like H3418, it allowed our customers to have something effective and beautiful.
Roll of H3435 Ribbed Anti Slip Material
We were all shocked as to how well it sells; we decided to look at producing another symmetrical product. Heskins does not work with natural product bases, although rubber matting is extremely popular our experience with rubber has not been good, even if we buy the rubber from the same source, the same thickness, the same specifi­cation etc by way of it being natural this resulted in varying consistency from batch-to-batch, we rapidly found this unacceptable and many years ago gave up on working with any natural material. With PVC, PET, PP, PE etc we can guarantee that the consistency is excellent. We set to work creating our own self-adhesive ribbed ‘rubber’ type material.
H3435 being used as an anti slip liner in a tool chest draw

H3435 was born (we have yet to come up with a name, any ideas?). The ribbed surface appears just like the rubber ribbed matting one expects to see, it is very thick and even has a feel just like rubber (achieved by modifying the plastic surface). The adhesive is extremely strong and, best of all, the quality consistency is guaranteed, and every batch will be the same as the sample that you first received, no natural substrate incon­sis­tency! We offer H3435 in rolls, sheets and also die cut pieces. H3435 ‘rubber type’ ribbed matting lends itself to many appli­cations; the ribbed channels easily allow water or other fluids to flow away. To order samples or request more information please use the contact form on the site or contact the sales team by phone or email.

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