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How To Apply Anti Slip Tape to External Porous Surfaces

For external or porous surfaces, proper application of anti-slip tape requires additional steps to ensure its durability. H3506 Surface Primer prevents moisture from affecting the bond between the surface and the tape's adhesive layer. This enhances safety by reducing slip and fall incidents in homes and workplaces. Heskins anti-slip tape is versatile and provides added safety on porous surfaces with the help of Surface Primer.

Internal and non-porous applications

The video is suitable for applications that are either internal non-porous applications (conven­tional internal staircases) or external applications that do not need priming (flat metal, pre-sealed wood).

If you have any doubts about the suitability of the surface or if porous we strongly recommend sealing with H3506 surface primer prior to application, for instructions concerning this please see the relevant video.

Porous surfaces

All porous surfaces (wood, concrete or stone etc) need priming prior to application, this can be effectively done with our H3506 Primer.

Watch the video for advice on the best method to seal a porous surface.