Heskins Ltd Custom Services & Reseller Options

Contract Services

A part of our business is contract production and converting for industries unrelated to our own, we offer a full conversion facility.

As part of our production facility for our flooring tape we possess a large amount of advanced and often-unique machinery, obviously operated by our skilled, motivated and experienced colleagues, they include;



We can convert flexible roll based products into flat sheets; fully computerised PLC based systems control the machinery to ensure accuracy within very tight tolerances.

Our custom designed and manufactured crush cut sheeter that we used to sheet our non slip floor materials can even work with very thick and tough products that other sheeters cannot handle.

Crush cutting

Heskins Crush Cutter

The cutting method we use on our flooring tape is the toughest slitting method for flexible products, able to cut virtually anything. For our non slip floor tape the only method that can effectively slit is crush cutting, it will work with many awkward and difficult flexible materials.

We can accommodate widths upto 1.4m wide and can slit down to 9mm wide (dependent on product stability).

Die cutting


We possess various types of die cutters from intricate double die station rotaries to large scale, high tonnage flat beds able, used on our flooring tape, to produce bespoke sizes and shapes, we can make any size from 1mmx1mm to 825mm x 1550mm, accurate to within 0.2mm. We can also provide these kiss cut.

Single Knife Slitting

Heskins Single Knife Slitting

Single knife slitting is a very cost effective way of converting logs into slit rolls, able to slit down to 2mm widths with an accuracy of within 0.05mm.

We operate using the British ALS S-Tec machine; the S-Tec provides tremendous computer controlled tolerances and high volume output capabi­­lities. Some of our non abrasive non slip floor materials are slit this way.

Snap Back Liners

heskins snap back liner

Snapback liners are available for all die cut pieces. A slit is made down the middle of the entire backing liner to make for easier removals. Snapback liners allow for rapid application, vastly reducing labour time and cost.

Tool-less Die Cutting

zund tool-less die cutting

We have an extremely large and high speed knife table. We can cut all non-abrasive materials at high speed with excellent nesting.

Special Requirements and Products

At Heskins we can manufacture anti slip tape to your specific requirement, you might have a need for a nonslip in a certain shape, colour or it might need to be applied to a difficult surface, we’re certain that we can help! Please find below a brief summary of the options we can offer:

Special sizes
Our Safety-Grip™ or Aqua-Safe™ can be cut to any width of roll or any size of cut piece.
Our existing colour range ready made on our shelves is extensive but we can also make to special request dependent on quantity.
We offer standard text print onto our non slip tape at present which includes ‘CAUTION’ and ‘WATCH YOUR STEP’, we can though manufacture the anti slip with a bespoke print that suits your requirement.

Reseller Packaging & Branding

Heskins is a large supplier of our adhesive anti slip safety grip (nonslip floor coating) for customers own branding, we can provide resellers the nonslip floor coating rolls or die cut pieces in smaller packs (ideal for retail purposes) or larger, full length roll types (ideal for industrial resale).

Heskins is a GS1 registered company, so we can produce inter­nati­onally recognised EAN or UPC barcodes if you so desire.

Many of the well seen and well known names in the market place all use Heskins to manufacture their self adhesive nonslip floor coating tape in custom designed packaging. We can provide our nonslip floor coating tape in shrink wrap, printed cardboard box or any other packaging format all bespoke to your requ­ire­ments.

Photo Download Suite

Our photo download suite gives you the opportunity to obtain high-resolution photos for use in your online and offline marketing.

Brochures & Sample Cards

We offer brochures & sample cards either Heskins branded or unbranded for your marketing requ­ire­ments.

Request a download suite account or enquire about our other custom & reseller services by talking to our sales team via phone, live chat or by completing the contact us form.