Still Using Poor Quality Social Distance Floor Marking?

We find it incredible that companies are still using cheap, thin and poor-quality floor marking tapes for social distancing. 

green white permaroute vs cheap marking tape

For a vitally essential and government-mandated requirement in workplaces, many of the chosen markers are now almost invisible.­ The materials they have used are not designed for high traffic appli­cations; they simply cannot withstand the foot traffic, let alone any trolleys or other items pushed across. As we have said many times, what you save in costs at the beginning, you lose in long term product performance, the lack of it that is, as these tapes will require replacing sooner rather than later.

This generally requires a frustrating removal process, as the tape breaks apart through wear, resulting in pieces of the now fragmented tape requiring removal. This also means the adhesive is now exposed and conta­minated, meaning a big clean up job is needed before it gets on the soles of peoples shoes and from that, clothes, not to mention on other areas of the surface. The money you thought you had saved initially can result in additional money spent, as new material has to be purchased and time is taken to re-apply. For those who are doomed to repeat their mistakes, it becomes more costly than buying high-quality, long-lasting products.

At Heskins, we are experts in durable marking materials; for the last 23 years, we have ensured that our products are applied once and then left to do their intended job. They do not fade, wear or fall apart easily. Heskins create high-quality products that work for you, not the other way around. Your staff simply put in place then can rely on them doing their job, so your team can focus on other duties.

Visit the Heskins website to view the range of materials Heskins produce and supply. We can provide our material in rolls of varying lengths and widths. Most of our materials can be produced in die-cuts in a myriad of shapes and sizes.