Study in to Slips on Banana Skins Leads to Award

Slip on BananaIn the non-slip industry we must have one of the least exciting subjects, it is great that a silly (but time honoured) slip problem has finally been inves­tigated.­  On a serious level, a Japanese University, Kitasato, has performed a scientific study as to why a banana skin creates slips.  The study has been awarded an Ig Novel award which is effectively a spoof Novel prize.  Although the study was based on a joke, its operation was scientific, one very interesting result that it produced was that a banana skin had a higher level of coefficient of friction compared to ice and snow.  The study points to us how careful we should be with natural weather conditions and the slippage problems that they generate. Our blog post on slip prevention in winter touched on some points for making your home/­business safer during the winter months, but we know there are other angles to be covered and we will follow that up with another post next month.

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