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The New, Improved Heskins Website is Here Welcome


After months of planning and implementation, we are proud to present our new Heskins website to you. Come on in and check it out…

After a good few months of planning and implementation, with no doubt further tweaks to be made, the new look Heskins website is now live! We hope you enjoy your stay. With the new website, we hope to make it as efficient and informative as possible, while the updated design should be a treat for the eyes!! We have also been lucky enough to have a one of a kind download suite for our customers, who if required, can have an account created for them so they can log in and download photos to their heart’s content! The blog will fall in line to be seamlessly integrated with the new site shortly after go-live, along with all our social pages. What do you think of the new site?

You can let us know by contacting us through one of our many methods of communication.

How Will The New Site Benefit You?

We are very excited about our new website and to provide a better experience for our customers. Our new site has a much more user-friendly layout being much easier to navigate. This is beneficial to all users who use the site, as we want our services to be open to everyone. We also have many new things for our users to interact with more to get to know the company better with our blogs. We plan on posting blogs regularly, giving our customers new information they may benefit from. This is all being open to comments to provide us with any feedback!

What Is The Download Suite?

The download suite is a designated area for our customers in which we will upload all our images without branding to this one area for you to use. We want all of our customers to benefit from the download suite, so gaining access cannot be simple enough! Just contact us via the form and request login details for the suite, and from there, we will create your account and provide all the information you need. Alternatively you can register here and we will review your application and approve your request.

How Can You Use The Download Suite?

Our main idea with the download suite is to provide our customers with professional images of our products. This helps for advertising on their behalf as they will have the images to hand and can advertise to their customers easier. Within the download suite, since the images are getting uploaded directly at full file size, this means when you download an image, it won’t lose any of its quality which is a common issue when downloading images online. This ensures you get good-quality images for any of your needs. Within the download suite, we will upload both product images and also images of that product in an application. We hope the variety of images we upload will help benefit you in your advertising!

Want to Stay Up to Date?

Don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team by live chat or phone if you need further information. Alternatively, submit an enquiry via the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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