The Technology Behind Anti Slip Tape Advancement

At time of writing this post I am on a high speed train amazed at the wonders of modern technology and the benefit it brings us, the train is a pioneering work of technical art, it got me thinking; maybe I should explain some of the more unusual and technical items we produce, albeit, on a much more humble scale than this fantastic train!  We often find it difficult to fully describe and quantify all the different and bespoke materials we produce, often they are made for simply one application or one customer, however, it allows Heskins to exhibit the potential that a customer can speak to us and try and develop a product that is perfect for them, a material that fulfils their specific requirement. Below is a small section of some of the non-standard materials we have made, I hope it may inspire you to provide us with a further challenge: the problem of today is the solution of tomorrow!


When we were first asked about conductive anti slip materials I must confess, it created a lot of headaches, I left physics behind me at 16 and none of my colleagues were of help.  There is requ­ire­ments, in certain appli­cations, for a conductive abrasive safety tape; most of the applications have centred on two requ­ire­ments; 1. In extremely fire sensitive areas there is a strong need to have flooring or grip material that will conduct a charge.­  I will provide an example; you have a production environment where there is an ever present potential for flammable vapours, this might also be a harsh environment where you require a good quality non slip surface.­  If someone creates a static charge this has the potential, if not carried away, to spark, that spark can have life threatening dangers in that situ­ation.­  What is required is a conductive non slip material that dissipates and carries the charge until it peters out. 2. When dealing with sensitive electronic equipment even the slightest, unnoticeable static charge can blow the intricate equipment, one needs to allow this charge to be earthed. The conductivity is measured in ohms, due to the many previous and ongoing projects we are involved in Heskins possesses its own conductivity testing meter, although we are strong advocates of external testing houses which allows us to provide unbiased data sheets the use of our ohms equipment allows us to refine and improve the product.­  For us we need to constantly test then modify the materials.­  We can provide conductive materials in almost all our materials, even PVC based ones.  If you have a conductive non slip requirement please enquire with us.

Removable Adhesives

As mentioned in a previous blog post my aim is to constantly change our adhesives to ensure we take advantage of new and advanced adhesives that appear on the market to create the ultimate and permanent adhesion.  From time-to-time we have the occasional enquiry for removable adhesives on our anti slip tape, they may be required for various reasons.  A removable adhesive is often the hardest to get correct, what may be perfect for one client that might be too strong or too weak for another.  The adhesion is affected by the substrate it is bonding onto, often various tests are required, and Heskins is willing to perform these in-house then provide you with a suitable removable anti slip tape for field trials.

Backing Liners

 Siliconised paper on standard anti slip tape.

Often overlooked and thought of as ‘simply that paper on the back that is discarded’ but to many customers a modified backing liner has a huge impact that can enable them to speed up their production, reduce waste, etc.  On our safety-grip, aqua-safe, resilient, cushion grip, H3418 and H4644 ranges we use siliconised paper (generally white as this allows customers to draw and plan on it if required but kraft and honey colours are possible along with bespoke printing) for our conformable and PermaStripe range we use a filmic backing liner, generally PET but we have utilised others in the past.  We allow you not only the ability to choose the choice of liner but also its release value (how easily it removes from the material), colour and the ability to have an oversize liner (very easy to remove) or a snap-back liner (also easy to remove, this has a slit line running down it).  Costs and minimum order values can vary so please enquire.

Filmic backing liner on Permastripe®

Envi­ron­mental Plastics

Like all responsible companies Heskins always wants to improve our impact on the environment (we will soon be approved to ISO14001 status, this will be in addition to our longstanding ISO 9000 approval).­  One should always offer the customer the ability to make a reasoned choice.­  Most of our materials are produced from PVC this offers fantastic durability, flexibility and has a durability that is unmatched by other plastics.­  Many customers prefer a material that is easy to recycle.­  We are happy to offer our anti slip tapes in PE format, PE is a material that is phthalate free and has a much lower impact on the envi­ronment.­  Almost all of our range can be offered in this alternative, we generally only make PE materials to order so this necessitates MOQs etc but please enquire.­  Samples are available. I hope this helps to provide an insight to some of the more exotic and unusual materials we produce, I hope it also displays the commitment we have to our most important asset; you, the customer.

Should you wish to enquire further, or want to request samples, you can do so by getting in touch via phone, live chat or alter­natively fill out the contact us form and a member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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