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The Ultimate Guide to Permanent Floor Marking Tape

Marking Tape

In the dynamic environment of industrial settings, clear and durable floor markings are essential for safety, organisation, and efficiency. At Heskins, we offer a comprehensive range of permanent floor marking tapes designed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Our flagship product, PermaStripe, along with PermaRoute, PermaStripe Smooth, PermaLean, and PermaTop, provides the ultimate solutions for your floor marking needs.

Why Choose Permanent Floor Marking Tape?

Permanent floor marking tape is a superior alternative to traditional methods such as paint. It is quick to apply, long-lasting, and can withstand heavy traffic and harsh conditions typical in industrial environments. Our industrial marking tape offers several key benefits. Firstly, its durability ensures that the markings remain intact despite exposure to heavy machinery and high foot traffic. Secondly, the bright, vivid colours enhance visibility, thereby improving safety and efficiency. Thirdly, the ease of application minimises downtime, making the installation process swift and efficient. Lastly, its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of environments, including warehouses, factories, and commercial spaces.

Heskins Permanent Floor Marking Tape Products


PermaStripe is the gold standard in industrial floor tape. Made from a tough, durable material, it’s perfect for marking out pathways, hazardous areas, and safe zones. Its aggressive adhesive ensures it stays in place, even in high-traffic areas. Available in a range of colours and shapes, PermaStripe can meet any marking need. For areas requiring a smoother finish, we also offer PermaStripe Smooth. This provides all the benefits of our standard PermaStripe but with a smoother surface. This is particularly beneficial in environments where ease of cleaning and aesthetic appeal are important. PermaStripe Smooth maintains its durability and high-visibility properties, ensuring your floor markings remain clear and intact.


PermaRoute is a heavy-duty floor marking tape designed to create complex floor layouts and pathways. It is ideal for use in environments where clear, precise markings are essential. PermaRoute can also be provided printed, helping you also improve your branding alongside safety. PermaRoute also comes in a wide range of die cut shapes to help relay information to personnel with the ability also to produce bigger shapes in comparison to PermaStripe. PermaRoute offers flexibility, making creating a customised floor marking system easy.


PermaLean is our solution for environments where a less obtrusive marking tape is needed without compromising on durability. It is thinner than PermaStripe but still robust enough to handle industrial conditions. Although it is our thinnest line marking tape, it is still ten times thicker than normal floor marking tape. Similar to PermaRoute, this can also be printed and used to create much bigger shapes. PermaLean can provide the complete floor marking system experience easily improving workplace navigation and employee safety.


PermaTop is a unique product designed to protect your existing floor markings. It is a clear, heavy-duty floor marking tape that can be applied over line marking tapes, providing an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. This extends the life of your floor markings and ensures they remain visible and effective.

Applications of Industrial Floor Tape

Our industrial floor tapes are suitable for a wide range of applications. In warehouse settings, they can be used to mark safe walkways, hazard zones, and equipment storage areas. In manufacturing facilities, they help define workspaces, machine zones, and safety pathways, ensuring a streamlined and safe working environment. In commercial spaces, they enhance customer flow and ensure clear emergency exits. In healthcare settings, they are invaluable for indicating social distancing measures, pathways, and restricted areas.

Heskins range of permanent floor marking tapes offers unparalleled durability and versatility, ensuring your industrial environment remains safe and well-organised. Whether you need heavy-duty floor marking tape like PermaStripe, the smooth finish of PermaStripe Smooth, the flexibility of PermaRoute, the subtlety of PermaLean, or the protective properties of PermaTop, Heskins has the right solution for you.

Improve your facility’s safety and efficiency with our top-quality industrial marking tapes. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your workspace.


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