Using Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape as Door Kickers

coarse resilient anti slip tape used as door kickerHeskins non abrasive anti slip tape range is a versatile group of products, obviously primarily used as an anti slip surface on a myriad of floors. However, it is also suitable for applications in other areas, due to it's soft surface, that while being an effective anti slip, is also kind to skin, clothes and can be used as protection. The latest innovation is the use of Heskins non abrasive non slip material as door kickers.

Door Kickers

So what are 'door kickers' exactly? Well, in most commercial venues, the doors have metal plates affixed to the bottom of them to protect the doors surface. In many areas, such as restaurants and factories, this surface will take a beating, from sack trucks and shoes due to people having their hands full while passing from room to room, generally opening the doors with the aforem­en­tioned sack trucks and shoes. Over time, this will take it's toll on not only the metal plates surface, requiring replacement, but also the shoes and sack trucks. To add insult to injury, very often these metal plates don't have a great deal of grip, making opening the door with anything but your hands, difficult. This could cause an accident and potential injury. This is where Heskins come in.... aqua safe non abrasive anti slip tape door kickersHeskins can now offer cuts of the range of non abrasive anti slip tape to apply to the metal plate surface, increasing the surface grip and protecting the surface underneath. By simply cleaning the application surface with an alcohol based cleaner, then applying your chosen material to the surface, you can increase efficiency and safety in the workplace. Heskins offer many die cut sizes to ensure turnaround times from order to delivery are as short as possible. However, should you have an unusual size you require, then Heskins can accommodate for that too. For more information on non abrasive anti slip tape, it's use as door kickers, or to place an order, you can do so by calling the sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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