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Variations of Black/Yellow Chevron Hazard Anti-Slip Tapes


Hazard tape eh? All the same, isn’t it? Well…. no! Below we explain our different variations on our black/yellow hazard anti-slip tapes.

The most popular colours and grades vary from season-to-season, they depend on weather, light levels etc. As we are now in September and in Europe, the mornings are becoming a bit darker our black/yellow chevron hazards are rising in popularity, typically, during brighter conditions, plain colours become more prevalent. I thought this would be an apt time to mention that we have 3 variations of our black/yellow hazard anti-slip tape, as over time we have started producing different variations, each one has with its own properties.

H3401D (Standard)/H3402D (Coarse) Double Print Hazard Safety-Grip

Our most popular black/yellow safety-grip is our double print, the reason why it is so popular is due to its unique and distinctive difference in colours; a jet-black combined with a bright, solid yellow. The high level of differentiation comes from it being printed before and after production to ensure the highest levels of contrast.

H3433D Vivid Hazard Safety-Grip

A noticeable and bright hazard material, the material has lighter colours compared to our others, all down to personal choice!

H3434D Shaded Hazard Safety-Grip

Our shaded hazard is our most competitively priced hazard safety-grip, base printed then top coated with aluminium oxide. This allows us to offer an excellent value anti-slip tape material with high levels of visibility.

Heskins hazard anti-slip tapes are available in many different roll sizes and die cuts off the shelf. If you require a more custom anti-slip solution, dependent on order quantity we are happy to discuss these. For more information on our full range of hazard anti-slip and marking tapes, you can contact the Heskins sales team by phone, email, live chat or the contact us form on the website.

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