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Heskins Instructional Videos

Heskins has prepared the videos to inform and advise of best practice when installing our safety products, we strongly believe that seeing and hearing the methods is a certain way to ensuring the installer achieves an effective application.

We are pro-active in our creation of instruc­tional videos, however, if there is a video you would like us to create, please contact us to enquire. If we haven’t planned to make it already, then we will definitely consider it.

How To Apply Floor Markers, ColorCovers & Safety Signs

Heskins offers a variety of floor signs and warehouse markers, including anti-slip options and glow-in-the-dark options. These markers play a key role in enhancing safety by clearly displaying important messages and safety guidelines in your work environment. We have provided a detailed application process to ensure long-lasting durability.

Applying Anti-Slip Tape to Low Energy Surfaces

Heskins offers the H3510 Keying Agent, which enables the application of anti-slip tape on low-energy surfaces, such as certain plastics. This innovative adhesive technology effectively bonds low-energy surfaces to the adhesive layer of floor tape. Low-energy plastics have minimal friction, making it difficult for tape adhesive to adhere properly. However, Heskins keying agent helps establish a strong and long-lasting bond. The H3510 Keying Agent is available in 118ml bottles, as only a small amount is needed.

How To Remove Anti Slip Tape

Heskins anti-slip tape is known for its strong adhesive that keeps it securely in place for years, making its removal challenging. However, we have discovered the most efficient method for removing the non-slip tape. Watch our helpful video guide for step-by-step instructions. If you need the tape to be applied temporarily, we recommend Heskins H3427 Removable Non-Slip tape.

How To Clean Anti Slip Tape

Properly cleaning anti-slip tape is essential for maintaining the non-slip properties of Heskins tape. Accumulated mud and contaminants can clog the grit granules, compromising the tape's effectiveness in preventing slips (especially for lower grit level tapes like Extra Coarse, recommended for areas prone to dirt). Mud can also impact the reflectivity or photoluminescent qualities of the tape. Watch our instructional video to learn how to clean Heskins non-slip tape effectively.

How to Fix Anti Slip Tape and Perma Family Tape

In this video, we demonstrate effectively and correctly fixing our tapes in the rare event that an issue occurs. Our tapes are made from strong materials and are designed to be highly durable, so severe damage is uncommon. However, we have created this video as a helpful resource on those rare occasions when it may be needed.

How To Apply Glow in the Dark Tape

Suitable for many areas, Heskins glow in the dark tape can help improve safety during all times of the day, this tape uses photoluminescent powder to provide a strong glow in dark areas. It's designed to give a visible safety solution in darkness, such as a power cut. Our photoluminescent tape works by charging in natural or artificial light sources, so there is no need to worry when the lights are out.

Internal and non-porous applications

The video is suitable for applications that are either internal non-porous applications (conven­tional internal staircases) or external applications that do not need priming (flat metal, pre-sealed wood).

If you have any doubts about the suitability of the surface or if porous we strongly recommend sealing with H3506 surface primer prior to application, for instructions concerning this please see the relevant video.

Porous surfaces

All porous surfaces (wood, concrete or stone etc) need priming prior to application, this can be effectively done with our H3506 Primer.

Watch the video for advice on the best method to seal a porous surface.

Chequer plate, five bar tread, durbar plate, diamond tread etc.

For adhering conformable anti slip tape onto irregular surfaces such as chequer plate. Conformable is specially made for this application, as the aluminium backing carries no memory, allowing to adhere to the patterned surface effectively.

Our video guides you through the correct application procedure. Heskins can even supply the necessary soft rubber mallets at a low cost.

Skateboard Grip Tape Application

This video assists you in applying skateboard grip tape to a skateboard deck.

Applying grip tape does take practice, so don't expect perfection first time, but following this guide, and with practice, you will be making quick, neat applications onto your skateboard deck in no time.