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What is H3408 Cushion Grip Tape?

Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

We quite like producing unique non slip materials. As a sales person it is great to meet with a customer, open our packs and show a non slip range that is so vast. We hate to fail by not having a solution, as a manufacturer we are in a position whereby we can create that perfect solution, change the formulation, buy that special compound to make it work. Cushion-Grip is one of those unique materials, there is nothing else like it, even our range does not have something similar.

We produce Cushion Grip using foamed PU, PU is a more expensive plastic compound but has great properties that cannot be replicated in anything else. The PU is coated onto the surface in a superb embossed pattern and then it is foamed. The foaming makes the material even more non slip, foaming a product gives extra grip, it is a process we use in some of our other non slip products but due to the PU formulation used in Cushion Grip it allows us to make it so very effective.

The deep foaming of Cushion Grip allows the non-slip to grip around the object, whatever rests on it or presses against it, Cushion Grip will then cleverly adopt that shape, it will cushion then grip. Even a relatively small surface contact area, say only 40mm x 40mm, will enable Cushion Grip to create thousands of active grip points, the embossed foamed surface will immediately start making positive contact, gripping it, pressing it and holding it. Cushion Grip is not suitable for external applications, please do contact us for more samples or information.


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